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We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

My meals

Hello my friends.

My name is Luis, your English Teacher. I am from Villanueva Mesía, Granada in Spain. I am 53 years old and I was born in the Albaicin in Granada capital. The Albaicin is a big and old neighborhood very near and opposite of the Alhambra and the Generalife. Next to my old street go past a beautiful typical river: The Darro. This river is tributary of our Genil river.

Now I work at the Cardenal Cisneros School in this village, Villanueva Mesía.

I get up early, approximately at 7 o'clock in the morning and I have a toast with olive oil, coffee with milk and orange juice for breakfast. Sometimes I put butter or peach jam on the piece of toast but I prefer it with olive oil because this breakfast is more healthy. Every day I have breakfast at half past eight more or less and then I go to the school. At the weekends I have breakfast more late around nine o'clock or half past nine in the morning.

I have a piece of fruit, por example an apple, an orange, a banana and sometimes I have some strawberries at break time at school around twelve o'clock.

Then, at half past two in the afternoon I have lunch at home. I am very hungry at this time and I eat all the food that it is on the table. My favourite food is paella and roast chicken with a lot of fried chips and some bread. I always drink some water and I sometimes drink only a cup of a good wine. I often start my lunch with salad and I always finish with a piece of fresh fruit of the day.
I like very much the Mediterranean Food because I think that this kind of meal is very healthy: vegetables and fruit are very important. I try to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetable a day.

I have a cup of tea or a cup of coffe with milk with a pair of biscuits at six o'clock in the afternoon. It is very good for me to have somethig at this time, so I can continue work better.

Finally, I have dinner around ten o´clock. My dinner is very light: a salad, some cheese or york ham and another piece of fruit or yogurt. It is very important for me don't eat a lot at night because I can sleep better with my empty stomach: my dreams are wonderful!

Remember. You must do this task until 31st March!

Please, I need to know what do you think of this activity and you can give your opinion in the survey. Thanks!

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How to make a project work?

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