"Tell me and I forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand".
“Go to the edge, he said.

We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Do you know Ireland?

On 17 March, Ireland celebrates its national holiday, St. Patrick's Day. A good reason to take a virtual tour around the Emerald Isle and dig a little deeper into Irish history. And don't miss our Irish legends and lyrics of traditional songs. All topics are linked from the Ireland frontpage.

Useful Links

History Channel
Orígenes del Saint Patrick's Day y otras curiosidades:

The Holiday Zone
Juegos y actividades relacionadas con Saint Patrick's Day

  • Write about Ireland in the English Blog. Can you explain how is Ireland?, how do they celebrate St. Patrick`s Day?.
  • You can write about Irish traditions, festivities or any relevant aspects that you think are interesting in Ireland.
  • Remember: Do a space next to a punctuation mark. Put capital letter then a point. Beware of copy and paste from a translator. Translations are nonsense! Beware of spelling or typing mistakes!
  • You must do this task until March 31st.

How to make a project work?

How to make a project work?

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