"Tell me and I forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand".
“Go to the edge, he said.

We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Your Summer

Tasks for the summer:

- Make the recommended activity book: "Summer Fun for ESO1 or ESO2 - Burlington Books." (You can find it at the bookshop)
- Write three texts about the summer in this blog entry.

Good luck.


language courses seville said...

My teacher asked me to write 10 stories related to summer while I was enjoying my summer vacations.

I wrote a novel and that was about 2 friends. They were Fishes. :) I got very good from my Teacher. :)

learn english london said...

I completed a novel "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian". It's great novel written by Sherman Alexie.

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Your English teacher Luis said...

Audry according to us is a pleasure. Best regards.

Carlos Ortega said...

My summer

For my this summer it has been entertained as the demas summers. I have gone to Malaga of vacations there I was eight days melo my family spends very well com enla beach

Ya en Villanueva Mesía me dedique a ir ala picina,hacer los debeder y actividades deportivas como el fútbol ,natacion y tenis...

Ya que se esta acabando el verano estos ultimos dias me estoi dedicando a descansar y estar con mis amigos mas tiempo .



One Sunday morning we go to Aquaola.Rapidament unexpectedly called my friend Reyes and after convincing his parents in ten minutes we were at home my two sisters, Fran and I to spend a fantastic day.
We get on the Laguneta is my brother's car and we traveled to Granada, singing and dancing in the car.
Reaching our destination we got off the car and into the water park.

First we left our towels on the grass and went to the first slide slides.En us was we'd throw into the soft were very long and Chulis, did not see anything because the water would give you in the face ... When you leave the pool of the first slide photographer made us a photo and we headed to the next slide, it was super big yellow one that was CHULISIMA and then another blue, yellow, the wave pool ... (summarize what you tell because if all we did and how well we had a never end ...). Then we went to our towels to eat and then went back to the slides ... (There were gorgeous boys ... jeje)

When it came time to close the car park and diriguimos us singing and dancing we Villanueva Mesia spending an unforgettable day for MI ...




Reyes One day my friend asked me to spend the night in his house for a sleepover that night was one of the best nights of the summer, we went for a walk and evening we went to his house for dinner and ¨sleep ¨, did not sleep all night because we were singing, dancing, making us photos, hairstyles and makeup, that night was fantastic.
I would repeat many times THAT NIGHT




This summer I've gone very well, summer was a very entertaining and fun (without having to count all the effort I had to do to try to recover outstanding for September exams).
In this summer and met many new sites and places to which I visited as Aquaola ...
This summer I've taken advantage of my classmates coming year as well what most probably will not have, because we hope diferentes.Y divided into categories and be able to recover following this course with some of them.


Jose Angel Garcia Fuentes said...


This summer has been very funny. I have done many things. To go to the swimming pool, to go the beach, to run, to go out, to study and my favourite hobby: to fight bulls.

In July, I was fighting with my friends. The people I congratulate myself.

In August, I was one week in Algarrobo's beach with my family. I have been in Nerja. The Nerja's Beach is very nice and with many cliffs.

This summer, on the weekend, I have been employed at the Camilo's bar with my brother Juan and my friend Christian.

I have been studing to approve the subjets and to be able to go to the institute.

Finally, this summer has been very special.

Jose Ángel Garcia Fuentes, 2º ESO

Carlos Ortega said...

My summer

For my this summer it has been entertained as the demas summers. I have gone to Malaga of vacations there I was eight days melo my family spends very well com enla beach

Already in Villanueva Mesia wing devote myself to go swimming pool, do Debede and sports activities like soccer, swimming and tennis ...

Since summer is running out on me estoi these last days devoted to rest and be with my friends longer.

Anonymous said...

A day of beach.

A Wednesday with my parents and friends were in the beach. We went out of here in the morning early and arrived to Torre del Mar on the 10. In the morning were in the beach and afterwards were us to eat to a restaurant. We throw a very good day. Us happen it very well.

A day in the acuaola.

Was with my parents and some friends. There all the day and happened it genial.

Have not been of vaciones neither nothing. I have been a lot of days in the municipal swimming pool

Andrea Rico Rico 1º ESO

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