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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Countries of the world

Write about your prefer country.
Research it on Wikipedia.
Then write about the country you have chosen.
Required for 2nd of ESO.
Recommended for 1st ESO.
  • Write in your notebook a text about a country of your choice: name, location, flag, area, population, major cities, interesting places, language, occupation of its people, customs, monuments ...
  • Then pass it to a clean sheet, with a sign and an appropriate picture.
  • Finally enter the text as a comment to this blog entry in English.
Good luck with your work.
You can see the assessment of this task in this link>>>
You have been given until 16 November.


Irene said...

I do not have a favorite country but I mention to you about some:

-Australia: I like for the kangaroos the duck-billed platypuses the koalas and for the dingo. Its capital is Canberra and its city very populated is Sídney.

-Scotland: I like for the castle Dunvegan because it is very beautiful. Its capital is Edinburgh.

-New York: I like for the Statue of the Freedom and for the diverse shops that it is in. Its country is USA.

-Italy: I like it for the pasta and its monuments. Its capital is Rome.

All the countries have a degree of importance that fills them and they all are nice.
Each one has a different language and a culture and different customs.
The important of a country they are its inhabitants.

We have to remove well with all the countries!


Irene Navas Guerrero 1 ESO.

maria santiago said...

I do not have a favorite country but I mention to you about some:

-Paris: I like for Torre Eiffel, Museo the Louvre, Catedral the Notre Dame... Its capital is Francia.

-Londres: I like for Big Ben, River Támesis... Its capital is Reino Unido.

-Australia: I like for the kangaroos and Sidney (city more populated).Its capital is Canberra.

-New York: I like for the Statue of the Freedom and shops. Its country is USA.

-Roma: I like for the Vaticano, Coliseo and its monuments. Its capital is Italy.

-Atenas: I like for Acrópolis and its monument. Its capital is Greece.

Every country has its monuments, statues of historical ... and that is what makes each of its relevance and importance in tourism.

Each one has a different language and a culture and different customs.

María Satiago Cobos 1º ESO

Celia said...


Mongolia is a country locates at between Oriental Asia and Central Asia. It limit with Russia, at Northern; and China at south. The capital city is Ulán Bator; in it live one third of population.
Mongolia has 1.565.000 km2. The central region of Mongolia consists in steppes. The southern portion is located in the Gobi desert, while northern and western areas are mountainous character. The highest point is Mount Mongolia Kujten-Uul, with 4.374 m. located in the Altai Mountains.
The official language of Mongolia is the mongol. The flag of Mongolia has yellow, red and blue. In Mongolia prevailing the breed of mongol horses.

Celia Gómez Gordo, 2º ESO

Inma Alcaide said...


I am going to do description of a one country: France.

France is a country to locate in Western Europe in the Mediterranean Sea at South.

His principal city is Paris. Hes area is 675.417 km², and his population is 65´1 millions of habitants.

The oficial language in France is French.

Her flag has three stripes blue, white and red.

In France is a custom to have lunch at 1 p.m. and to have dinner at 7 p.m.

France is a country higly developed economically and socially .

In France the biggest forest is of Alpes. Hes principal monument is the Torre Eiffel that has 317 meters of height.

Some interesting places are the "City walled of Carcassone" ," the castle Fort Liberia" and the "Canal du Midi".

And this one is my description of France.


Ereita said...

My favourite country is Australia. I love Australia because their landscapes are more different. This site is only in the world. How Irene said there is a lot strange animals: kangaroos, duck-billed platypuses, koalas and the "Tasmanian devil". The most dangereous animals of the world live in Australia. It´s amazing!!
I think that I´ll go to Australia soon. It´s my dream!!!
Kisses. EVITA

Ana said...

I´ve got semeral favourite countries.
They are:
* Paris. I like this countrie by language. I like Paris for her monuments and her buildings too.
* The UK. I like many of their cities. I like the UK for her monuments too.
* Rome. I like this country for its monuments. It´s a beatiful countrie.
These are my favorite countries, among many others.
Well I hope you have been interesting.
See you soon!

Ana Mª Peinado. 1º ESO

SONIA said...



Germany is a country in the Centre of Europe. The population is approximately eighty-one million and the capital city is Berlin. In Berlin live about 3.500.000 people. Other important cities are Bonn, Essen...

The principal export of country are machinery, vehicles, iron and fabric.

The Germans people speak German. The German flag is black, red and orange. The coin is the deutsche mark.

The 30% of territory is the wood. The mammal more common are the fox, the wolf, the deer and the boar.

Some rives who pass it are: The Rin, and the Main.



NOELIA said...

My favourite country is:


Is a State Independent and democratic. Ireland, also is well-know as Eire.

It a republic in witch case the Constitution of 1937 reconoced a president as chief of state and the first minister on the government.

It has got 4.000.000 million of people.
Ireland is membre of the European Union. Her official language is Gaelic and English.
Her currency is the Euro.
It has got for provinces:Munster, Leinster, Connaught,and Ulster.
Her religion is Chritianity.

It part of Atlantic Ocean and her climate is Oceanic.

The flag of Ireland is: green, white and orange.

There's a typical fish are: trout and salmon.


Mónica said...


My country is the Unites States. The United States is a country placed in noth America.
The population is aproximately 306 million and the capital city is Washigiston. Other important cities are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
The Unites States important industry is tourism.
The Unites States people speak English. The Unites States flag is red, white and blue


Rosa said...


Germany is a country in the Europen centre. The population is aproximately 82.341.390 and the capital of the Germany is Berlin. About 3.382.200 people live in Berlin. Other important cities are Bonn, Hamburgo and Munish.

The official lenguage in Germany is the German. The Germany culture are the music, the theatre and the art. An important museum of the Germany is the "Museo Estatal de los Tesoros Culturales Prusianos".

The principal river of the Germany is the river Rin. But, other important rivers are the "Elba, Danubio and Oder". The climate is warm and the Germany flag is black, red and yellow.



GeRaRdO said...


The Kingdom of Norway or simply Norway, it is a monarchic condition of north Europe that, with Sweden, they form the Scandinavian peninsula that together with Denmark and Finland they shape Scandinavia, being Norway the most western part of the above mentioned region.
El País newspaper has limits with Sweden, Finland and Russia. The long extension of the Norwegian coast on the North Atlantic is a scene for his famous fiords, valleys of origin glacier.

The official language is the Norwegian, a nor-Germanic language related directly to the Danish and the Swedish. In his most the speakers of Norwegian, Danish and Swedish can understand easily between yes


manuel said...


Hello my name is Manuel Jimenez Linan.
I'm going to write about five countries that I like.

London: I like it for its great monuments BIG BEN. That is a great clock, which I like and also the strange shape of the yellow buses.

New York: I like it because they have huge buildings and then there's the Statue of Liberty.

Italy: I like it because they make a meal that I like a lot that are the spaghetti carbonara.

Egypt: I like it for its great pyramids and camels and dromedaries.

And my prized Spain that I really like the Alhambra, there are flowers and potato omelette.

I hope you liked is.

A greeting: Manuel Jimenez Linan.

ROCIO 2 ESO said...

The Scotland is situate in UK. The main rives are Loch Lomand, Loch Oich Forth, Tweed, Dee, Spey ...

in Scotland predominate the mountainous land, the region it can to divide in three areas: The Highlands, The Central Lawlands and the snowfall are very constant.The rainfall also very constant.

The flora are: the fir, pine, moss...and the animal are the deer, trouth...

The pricipate cites are: Glasgow, Dundee, Invernees.

In Scondland the people speak English and Schottish. The religion is Catholicismn.This is Scondland.


NOELIA said...

My favourite country:
The geography of Ireland describes an island in northwest Europe in the north Atlantic Ocean. The main geographical features of Ireland include low central plains surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains. The highest peak is Carrauntoohil Irish: Corrán Tuathail, which is 1,041 metres 3,415 ft above sea level. The western coastline is rugged, with many islands, peninsulas, headlands and bays. The island is bisected by the River Shannon, which at 259 km 161 mi with a 113 km 70 mi estuary is the longest river in Ireland and flows south from County Cavan in Ulster to meet the Atlantic just south of Limerick. There are a number of sizeable lakes along Ireland's rivers, of which Lough Neagh is the largest.


RaFa said...


Hungary is country of Europe. In borders Austria, Slovania, Ucranic, Romania, Servia and Croatia.
It is locally called ``Land of the Magyllards and the capital city is Budapest. In this country the people speak hungranian.

Aproximatelly 9.956.000 peple live in this country and contain with191.324 millons of dollars of budjet.

An important industry of Hungary is the wine.

zoiLiitaa said...


The city of New Yorkes the city most filled with the New York State, with the United States of America and the second urban agglomeration of the world.

It is the center of the metropolitan area of New York, which is between(among) the biggest urban agglomerations of the world.

During more than one century, it has been one of the principal world centers of trade and finance. New York is considered to be a global city given his(her,your) influences worldwide in the mass media, politics(policy), education, entertainment and mode. [3] The artistic and cultural influence of the city is of the strongest of the country. In addition, in her(it) he(she) is head office(plant) of the United Nations Organization sedates her, which turns her into an important point of the international relations.


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