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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Carols

Learn and sing these Christmas Carols:

What do you think about Christmas? Post a comment about that topic.
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Irenill@ said...

Christmas is the best time of the year. It celebrates and recalls the birth of the Messiah. One thing is very common in Christmas carols, the arrival of the fat cakes and plenty of tasty sweets, and also the ornaments are placed as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, some wise men and a birth in Bethlehem or that usually appear Jose Mery and Jesús. I like much the Christmas addition to the above, it is when it's snow that covers everything like a white robe but cold, very cold.The Spanish have taken to Santa Claus as usual on Christmas Eve character. But the most traditional is the day of the Magi, he says so because on that day all the children usually receive their Christmas gift. With Christmas I'm happy!

maria santiago said...

I like the Christmas, because it is a time when the family meets making a traditional dinner. Christmas is calebrating the birth of Jesus the Messiah.
I like it because I love those moments when familia. We meets all dinner at my grandparents house and not had a good time.
After dinner, my cousin was dressed as Santa Claus and distributed gifts to her young cousins.
They enjoy it.
I hope we go very well for Christmas.
¡¡Merry Christmas!!

María Santiago Cobos 1º ESO

maria said...

Christmas is celebrated in December, highlights the 24th, which is Christmas Eve and 31st, which is Eve, and also on 5th of January, which is the day of the Magic King.
In the christmas there is to go to school.

In my home we´re all together, we put the Christmas tree and the crib, with all the trimming.

The night 24th of December, Santa Claus is comming I leaves the present under the Christmas tree. And 5th of January wise men who come in my village are on floats and also we had a great time.

In my family every Christmas we eat together and very happy moments, also on 31st of December at noon twelve we eat the grapes along with the chimes.

I have a good time at Christmas.



Ana said...

Hello! Here I’m going to write about how we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year. We all celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Among the main traditions we have the following: we sing Christmas carols, we eat together with our family and we decorate our homes with Christmas trees, Nativity Scenes and other ornaments.

We celebrate Christmas Eve with two very important traditions, eating an enormous meal, and going to Christmas mass. Some of the food that we eat in this night is roast lamb and suckling pig, shrimp, crab, hake, trout, and salmon. For dessert, we can have turrón and mazapán, as well as polvorones, and different nuts and dried fruits. To drink, we can have a glass of cava, wine and other drinks.

On Christmas day, we spend time with our families, we eat another large meal, and the children enjoy the gifts that we receive from “Papa Noel”.

On New Year’s Eve, we gave dinner with the family and when the clock strikes 12, the church bells sound 12 times, and at this moment, everybody have to eat 12 grapes, one for each toll of the bell. If you eat the 12 grapes you will have a year full of prosperity and good luck. After that, we go out to celebrate the New Year with our family and friends.

On January 5th , we go to a parade where we see the three kings. Later, before going to bed, we leave our shoes out in the window and we go to bed. Next morning we find our gifts next to the Christmas tree. For breakfast, we often have the “Roscón de Reyes”.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New year!!!

Ana Mª Peinado Valenzuela 1º ESO

Inma Alcaide said...


*---The Christmas carols are songs typicals of Chistmas.---*

---Introduction of " Christmas ":
Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual holiday, celebrated on December 25, that commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.
The date of commemoration is not known to be Jesus's actual birthday, and may have initially been chosen to correspond with either the day exactly nine months after some early Christians believed Jesus had been conceived, a historical Roman festival, or the winter solstice.

---The Christmas Day.
Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in most countries of the world, even in many whose populations are not majority Christian.
In Christianity, Christmas is the festival celebrating the Nativity of Jesus, the Christian belief that the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament's Messianic prophecies was born to the Virgin Mary. The story of Christmas is based on the biblical accounts given in the Gospel of Matthew.

---Decoration of these holidays:
In these holidays the houses are decorated with Christmas adornments externally and within the houses, they have Christmas trees and crib.

I like very much the Christmas Holidays because I pass it with my family and my friends, specially with my family.

I celebrate Christmas Eve in my house with my mum, my father, my brothers, my grandmother, my grandfather, my uncle Rafael and my other uncle Juan.

My grandmother prepare soup of fish for dinner, and my mother prepare of pawn. I help, and I make little tost with salmon and caviar.

That night is to mention as Good Nigth ( Noche Buena ).

In the 31 of December, is celebraty the as Old Night.
These nigth, all the family ( aunts, counts, cousins, grandsfathers and grandmothers...)

All have very food, and we old are very happy.

Later of dinner, we eat grapes and later the people yound go with a party and I go with my friends.

These night the children receive gifts, and I too.

Bye-Bye!!! And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


ROCIO 2 ESO said...

Merry Christmas

In the christmas my family and me meet in my house or in my grandmother's house for have dinner. Some years we have dinner in my aunt's house.

In the 24th of December is Christmas Eve. We eat a lot of food, as turkey, prawn, lobsters and others types of food. I like the puddings, but my mother make them very good. Then when we finish of eat we receive some presents and i go out whit my friends to the disco or pub.

The next day is Christmas, the 25th December. For the morning when i get up, i always am sweet and candy in my shoes. Then i go to my sister's bedroom and we come down the stairs and we find a lot of presents under the Chirstmas tree.

But the day that i like it is the 31th of December because is the last day of the year and it is New Year’s Eve. This night is the best night because all the family meet. We it a lot of food and the moment more special and funny is when we eat the twelve grapes, then we drink a toast wiht champagne. After that i go out wiht my friends and we do a party for night and we celebrate the start of the new year.

The next day, the 1st of January, when i get up i have lunch wiht my parents and my sister in a restaurant. For the evening, i visit my family and then i meet with my friends.

The last day of Christmas, is the 6th of January it is the Three Wise Men's day.

NOELIA said...


The cristmas is very important for me, because is a party that I pass with my family. Is celebrate in Dicember.
In Villanueva Mesía, all the houses place Christmas adornments as trees, cribs...

In Spain, a typical foods are "King's Cake" (Roscón de Reyes) and prawn.

In Christmas I pass very well with my family and with my friends, because I wath all days.

All day of party I go sing out with my friends: Inma, Sonia, Rocio, Rosa and Pitu.

I liked snow for can play with her, and have snowmens.

In my family we celebrate:

- The day 24th of December " Good Night" (Noche Buena). My father, my mother, my sister and me have dinner in my house.
After dinner we sing carols and we dance much, and we sleep very late.

- The day 25th of December is Christmas!!, (Navidad). We eat with my family in my grandmother's house.
Later I sign out with my friends.

- The day 31st of December " Old Night" (Noche Vieja). We have dinner with all my family in my grandmother's house.

- The day 1st if January, New Years, (Año Nuevo). I sing out with my friends and my uncles.

- The day 6th Magic Kings, ( Reyes Magos). I go with my friends to Room of Act.

This is my Christmas.


SONIA said...

I like the Christmas because I spend it with my family. Moreover is very important for me because was born our Mesias.

The Anglophones use the term Christmas because means "mass of Cristo".

I always celebrate the Christmas of the next manner:
- The day 24 of December ("Noche Buena"). My father, my mother, my sister and I dinner with my grandmother.
- The day 25 of December ("Navidad", we celebrate the birthday of our Mesias). I go to Loja with my parents to the house of my uncle. I enjoy very much with my cousins!
- The day 31 of December ("Noche Vieja", is the last day of year). We go to Huetor Tajar to the house of my grandparents because, here, come my uncles!
- The day 1 of January ("Año Nuevo" is the first day of year). My family and I visit the house of mi uncle and eat there.
- The day 6 of January ("Reyes Magos"). I and my sister go to the Magic Kings of Huetor Tajar and this year will go to Magic Kings of Granada.

Are the typical sings of Christmas.
Some carols are the nexts:
- Jingle Bells.
- Deck the Halls.
- Merry Christmas and etc.

Bye-bye teacher.


Rosa said...

I like the Christmas becouse all we get together at Christmas. We are singing and dancing carols. The carols are music typical of Christmas.

- On December 24th, is Christmas Eve. I am going to the grandparent's house. I will eat soup, fillet and a lot of sweet things typical of the Christmas! When we are going back home, we are opening the presents!

- On December 25th, is Christmas Day. We don't eat food typical in this day. This year we are eating in the grandmother's house. My grandparent us will give a present this day.

- On December 31st, is New Year's Eve. We are eating in my house with all my family. We are eating mussels, or prawns. Of midnight we are having twelve gripes with the twelve strodes and new year will be.

- On January 1st, is New Year! We are eating in my house with all my family! We are playing bing, dancing and singing.

- On January 6th, is the day of Magic Kings. I haven't got present in this day. In the afternoon I am going to the Twelfth Night procession with my friends.

- On January 7th, I will begin to school again.


Goodbye!! Rosa

jimenezmorenonoelia2s@gmail.com said...


Christmas Day is an annual Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on December 25, but this date is not known to be Jesus' actual birthday, and may have initially been chosen to correspond with either the day exactly nine months after some early Christians believed Jesus had been conceived

The day of Christmas is the 25th and this day is in the habit of passing by the family. This day is the birth of the Messiah

The 24th is a good night, in my family we go away to Stump to eating with my uncles.

The day of the Christmas we are in the habit of being going to give a walk to Cold Rio.

December 31 is A New Year's eve and always we eat in my house with my uncles.

January 1 is a new year and we are going to eat to a restaurant to celebrate it.

The 6th is the day for that all the children wait because a few called semores the Magi. Then we go to the college on the 7th.


Maria Jesús Bermudez Rico said...

The Christmas is the best time to celebrate it with your family, friends...
Because of it I like very much the winter and also because it is my birthday Also there is celebrated the birth of Jesus, the Messiah.
We celebrate enough days; one of them is the Christmas Eve, 24th Dicienbre, which simultaneously it is also when there comes Dad Noel and in the night it he brings gifts to the children who behave themselves well.
Almost the whole people celebrate it meeting with his family.
On 25th December, which is A Christmas, which celebrates the midnight mass.
On December 31, which is New Year's Eve it is celebrated equally, with to family. But at twelve o'clock in the night they give twelve rings and it is a tradition twelve grapes to take, and after this it begins a new year.
Finally On 6th Jenuary, which is when kings come magicians and there bring gifts to praise children who have behaved themselves well. Then in the evening in almost all the peoples villages and cities kings happen for the streets magicians in his cavalcades throwing candies and later they give gifts to all the children who have represented.


Anonymous said...

Hello christmas elves!
I am bringing my 3 year old son to Granada for The 3 Kings - does anybody know what time the procession starts?¿? I cannot seem to find any information online as to times, starting places etc. Can anybody help me?¿?
Many thanks
Kisha (an English tutor in Almeria)

lavirgilaloka3@gmail.com said...

The christmas for my is a great party. In that there are 2 very important (parties that are:la Good night and the New Year's eve in which one has to eat 12 grapes to celebrate that the year finishes. Also they exist beings fantástuicos in that some people believe .Ellos are the kings Magos and Noel eats. Also in the navidad there is remembered that the Messiah was born. Only it is celebrated once a year. Me encanata the navidad!

Virginia Torres Abril.

MINERVA said...

The navidad for my is a great party that we celebrate close to the whole family.
My family and I celebrate it meeting all in the house of my aunt.
There we eat and are the whole night, then they give us the gifts.
In New Year's eve we go away to the house of my another grandmother, there also we all met, we eat and at twelve o'clock we eat up the uvas.
And this way it is like a step the navidades with the whole family.


Celia said...

At Christmas I has got hollidays. The Christmas means the Mesías' birth for Christmas.
My Christmas are families and nices. These Christmas I go to Granada for buy presents.
In Good Night my maternal family and me togethered in my granny's house. But in New Year I go to my grandad's house, in Moraleda de Zafayona. I don't eat the twelve grapes. My aunts Isa, Gloria and Meme neither.
The 4th of January, my family and me go to the Wok Restaurant. It is a Japanesse eat's restaurant. These eat is delicious!
My favourite day of Christmasis the 5th of January. Because the children are happy with the three Magic Kings of Orient.
I think wath the Christmas is for children because they are the people help ouer.

Celia Gómez Gordo. 2º ESO.

Teacher Luis said...

Hello Kisha:

I am sorry can not help you. Our village is 40 kilometers from Granada and we are not very informed about the schedules of The 3 Kings procession. Normally all the information about Grenada can be found at the website of the municipality of Granada: http://www.granada.org/inicio.htm.

The Christmas holidays have not see your request for help before, sorry.

In return we hope that the Kings have been generous with your little son and with all your family.

Thanks for visit our English Blog.

Warmest greetings.

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