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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Route of Ibn Al Jatib

Write a free text in past about your travel for the Route of Al Jatib of Legado Andalusie.
Remember. You must do this task until 31th May!
Required for 1st and 2nd ESO.


Manuel Aguilera Ortíz said...
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irene said...

Mostrar forma romanizada
On May 26 we went to the route of Ibn-Al-Khatib. At 8:15 we left Villanueva Mesia. When you reach the screen shows Guadix and we went to the Cathedral where we saw the museum. Then when we left there the bus came for us to take us to Castillo de la Calahorra, but before him we had to climb a steep and very hot.
Upon arrival at the castle we saw and was very nice. Baza Then we moved to the museum where we saw and what I taste is the Dama de Baza, but was an imitation. After seeing the museum we went to the Arab Baths. Finally we boarded bus to come to us home.


jimenezjimenezcarmen4s said...

On the 26th of May, children 1 and 2 that that we went to guadix to see a cathedral and the castle we saw a huge caorra breaks during two hours at a bar, where a park for exercise.

we took the bus to go trick and once we got there we saw the barnearios and a museum.

In the end I had a great time and learned something from the mulsumanes.

lorena said...

On May 26 the students of 1st and 2nd went to a journey.
At eight we went to the church square and a quarter were already mounted to Guadix autobus.Fuimos to see a large cathedral was beautiful, caorra also went to see a beautiful castle then came the bus to asset go and there we saw a museum and the baths was fun.


zoiLiitaa said...

This trip has been the best in the state and we have learned many things:

We arrived at 09:30 hours and at the entrance to the cathedral was closed, we waited until 10:15 pm in a beautiful park. Then we went to the main square of Guadix that has a shield in his columns and each represents a different thing, after that we entered the cathedral, which was next. Once inside the cathedral first thing we did was to see the museum where we saw some very important things. The cathedral is Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance. The instructors who came with us told us many things.

CALAHORRA: We arrived about 12:00 pm, we had to get up a hill very large and it took a lot to get to the castle of Calahorra but the truth is that it is very interesting and worth it. Then we went to town and were in a restaurant until three in the afternoon, when already caught the bus to Baza.

Baza: We arrived at 15:45 hours. The first thing we did was buy an ice cream, then went for a walk. The town is precioso.A 5 in the afternoon we saw the museum, where they are the Lady of Baza, well it was not true but say they've seen in Madrid that the two are identical. While we also saw a video of how he met the Queen and all that was done in those days. The truth is that I was very impressed with everything they did there. In the museum we also saw that I got some skeletons repelús ...
After this visit the Arab Baths.


Beatriz said...

Route of Ibn Al-Jatib

Hi, I'm Beatriz and I'm going to talk about yesterday. I was in Guadix, Baza and the Calahorra with my teachers and friends. We saw very beautiful things for example the church. I wore a black T-shirt of my school and blue jeans. We had got two guides. Women taunght us very things about the monuments in Guadiz, Baza and the Calahorra. We stood almost all the time. We learnt very things. O forgot the school completely but the next day there was school. We bought food, biscuit and very things more.


Celia said...


The past Thursday, the ESO's pupils went to Guadix, La Calahorra and Baza.

We went with the teachers don Jaime and Mª Carmen of Spanish. At quarter past eight we left with two guides, Raquel and Manuela.

The first village was Guadix. There, we visited the cathedral. It was beautiful. In it, we watched the Piedad's replica.

Then, we went to La Calahorra in the bus. There, we went up to the La Calahorra's Castle. In it we did very photograph. Next, we went to a restaurant for eat. There we were one o'clok in the afternoon to three o'clok in the afternoon.

After that we went to Baza in the bus. In this village we did the Ibn al-Jatib Route. While that we walked we ate an ice-cream. Next, we went to museum and we went to the Arabian's bath. At the end, we went back to Villanueva by bus.

Celia Gómez Gordo. 2ºESO

Maria Jesús Bermudez Rico said...

Last May 26, the children / aces of 1 º and 2 º IT we were of trip to Guadix, Advantage and to the Calahorra.
We go out on a quarters after eight and come on twenty after nine.
Later we were having breakfast in a park that existed there nearby, in Guadix. And after this we were walking up to the cathedral.
After waiting for approximately ten minutor, we enter the cathedral, it was precious!
It had many sculptures and pictures on the Virgin Mary and San Jose, the Immaculate Virgin...
Later we went in bus to see the castle of the Calahorra.
It was also very nice. But the bad thing is that it was necessary to raise an enormous hill.
They could not throw photos but some of us him begin.
Later we went to Advantage and there we could see a few Arabic baths and the museum where there was the Lady of Advantage and many interesting things.
Then we were lunching in the square where the museum was and later we mounted ourselves in the bus to return to Villanueva.
For the way we get bored a bit, but then we start singing Bob Esponja's song and laugh a heap.
I spent it to myself brilliantly!


NOELIA said...

Yesterday, May 26th, we were making a visit to these three towns of Granada, where we visited cathedrals and monuments of them. The main reason for the visit was to make the route of Ibn al Hatib.
We left here about eight or eight and a quarter and we Guadix about half past nine.
When we got there we move to a place where we were at breakfast, until ten o'clock we went to tour the town.
Two guides came with us call Raquel (my course the 2nd ESO) and Manuela (the 1 º ESO).
In Guadix visited the Cathedral, which was very pretty.
Then from there we moved to La Calahorra where we visited the Castle, we had to see it go up a hill very great, just all the traps. After seeing it we were there eating lunch from one to three we went to Baza.
We had lunch under the tent of a restaurant. Nearby was a park which, as he finished lunch we Fiume to have some fun.
At three we went towards Baza, we arrived about four in the afternoon.
On arrival we went to the museum and then a group went to visit the Arab Baths and the other Baza Museum which was very nice, and then back.
Baza We left about six o'clock in the afternoon and we Villanueva Mesia on the seven and a half.
I think it was a fantastic trip.


SONIA said...

The day 26th May we went of trip for Granada: Guadix, La Calahorra and Baza.
We left of Villanueva at eight o´clock in the morning and at half past nine arrived to Guadix. There, we had breakfast and saw the Cathedral.
Then, we take the bus destination to "La Calahorra". In "La Calahorra" we saw her castle and had lunch.
At five o´clock we arrived to Baza. In that village (Baza), we observe the Museum Archaeological and the Arab Baths.
At half past seven in the evening we came back to Villanueva.
I liked this trip because I learnt very much.


Rosa said...

Route of Ibn Al-Jatib

The 26th, May 1º and 2º ESO traveled to Granada: we went to Guadix, La Calahorra and Baza. At eight o'clock we to get on bus and we arrived in Guadix at half past nine. We saw the Guadix Cathedral. It's very beautiful!!

Then, we to get on bus again, and we went to the La Calahorra, we saw the Calahorra Castle, there. It's fantastic!! In the Calahorra we ate a roll and I bought a ice-cream.

At four o'clock we went to Baza, there we saw the "Museo Arqueológico" and the "Baños Árabes"

At half past seven we came back to Villanueva.

The journey was fantastic and very interesting. I liked it very much.

Rosa Leyva 2º ESO

maria santiago said...

The May 26th, were traveling. It was a tour of the Andalusian legacy. This was our route:
We start at 08:00 am from the church square. We arrived at Guadix to 9:30 am, we stayed there a place making an hour until they opened the Cathedral. In the square we got in the swing to 10:00 am, before he opened the cathedral for mass. About 10:15 am we left the square and walked towards the cathedral, where we were explaining everything we saw and each place we passed. The Cathedral is beautiful, I was very impressed that a town had a cathedral like that. It was very large compared to a church, but our guide, Manuela, said it was like the cathedral of Granada in miniature.
After we visit the Cathedral bus to Calahorra, where we walked around the town until we had a mountain to climb, because it stood the castle of La Calahorra. Castle was a medium, Manuela explained who lived in it and a lot of things. It's a shame they had withdrawn all the antiques that were in it because they were going to restore. After visiting we went back to the village where we were eating on the terrace of a restaurant. After dinner we went to a park that was right in front of the restaurant, we were there from 13:00 hours to 15:00 hours. At 15:00 hours we got back to the bus to get to Baza, visited the town, the Archaeological Museum and the Arab Baths. The people saw their streets and houses typical of Baza. We saw the Lady of Baza and told us it was a replica because the real was in the Archaeological Museum of Madrid it was a great monument. The Arab baths are very nice and had a great story. This was our route, has been very interesting and we learned things we did not know and leave a very interesting visit in the history of Andalusia.

María Santiago Cobos 1º ESO

Minerva said...

Yesterday May 26th, I went travel with my class.

First we went to Guadix, there we saw one cathedral, was very beautiful. We saw one museum too.

Then we went to Calahorra, were we saw a castle, was very simple.
After see the castle, we were eating.

Later we went to Baza, were in an ice cream palor.
We were in a museum and in a Arab Baths too.

Finally, returned to Villanueva.


maria said...

Yesterday, day 26th May of 2010, my class and mme travelled at Guadix, Baza and the Calahorra.

In Guadix we looked the Cathedral and the museum.

In the Calahorra we looked the Castle and then we ate.

Later, in Baza looked the museum of Baza.

It was very beautiful and I liked this travel very much.


lavirgilaloka3@gmail.com said...

First we were at Church Square waiting for the bus. Then we got on him and the way I felt a bit long.
Then we came to Guadix and walk up to a park. Guidelines were presented, one named Manuela and the other Rachel. Manuela Rachel came with us and with the students of 2 º ESO. We were one quarter of an hour in a park when it was very cool and this time we went to the Cathedral and Manuela taught us and explained everything that was there.
When we just saw the Cathedral we got on the bus heading towards the Castle of La Calahorra but to get had to climb a hill and with how hot it was we took a little longer. We rested a bit and walk up to a bar with a park next door was very good.
Then again, we boarded the bus and come to Baza. We walked until they opened the Arab Baths.
Once the trip ended almost went to the Archaeological Museum.
Finally we boarded the bus to return to Villanueva and I really enjoyed singing.

Diana said...

The trip on Wednesday May 26 was fun. We took the bus at the Plaza of the Church, to
Guadix. We were watching the cathedral, what was inside and out, was indeed a very beautiful and splendid.
Within it there was many paintings, costumes of the bishops who there were in ancient times...
Then we went back to the bus to go see the castle of La Calahorra,cost us a lot getting there. We explore the castle,Our guide told us many things there.
Shortly after we went walking to a restaurant , we were there until three in the afternoon.
Then the bus picked us up and we went to Baza, and we had to wait to open the Museum of Baza, when they opened
at the museum, we saw the Lady of Baza. Then we went to the famous baths.
And here ended our trip.

lucía said...

"Route of Ibn Al Jatib"

On May 26th the students of 1st and 2nd ESO took a trip to Baza, Guadix and La Calahorra.
We saw the Cathedral of Guadix, the Castle of La Calahorra, Baza Museum and Arab baths.
We leave from the Church Square at eight-quarter and headed Guadix.
The first thing we did upon arrival was breakfast at a park.

Then we went to see the Cathedral of Guadix. I liked the cathedral, but what was an arm covered with gold and diamonds.

Then we travel by bus to La Calahorra where we saw the castle. We had to walk up there.

Later, we went to a hostel and had lunch on a terrace. A contyinuación we went to play at a park that was next door.

Finally we travel Baza to where we were in a very nice museum. What I liked best were the skeletons. Then we went to lloos Arab baths where they taught us many things about it.

Then we returned to Villanueva, very tired but happy. The day was fantastic and we had a great time.


Isabel said...

My name is Isabel. I went a Guadix, Calahorra, and Baza. Saw the Catedral the Guadix. Then went a Calahorra, saw the Castle that was in the mountain. Ate there in the restaurant. In the evening went a Baza, saw the bath Árabes and the museum. In the museum was the "Dama de Baza" that was very nice. I liked very much.

JeRoMyN said...

Ibn-Al Jatib

May 26 The day we were children 1 and 2 of That That went to the Guadix and Baza privincias. I pass it very well because I like to see new things and meet new people. First we visited the cathedral of Guadix after a long journey. I liked the cathedral because it is a very difficult architecture and monuments was very nice. Then we went to the castle of La Calahorra very a very curious thing. After a while we went to see the museum of asset. The Lady of Baza was very nice although it is not true. Well I liked it and I want to do a lot more like this.

Mariano Jerónimo Sanjuán Pérez 1ºESO.

Ana said...


I am going to tell you the actions that I did yesterday.
The 26th of May, my classmates and me went to do the route of Ibn Al Jatib.
We left of our village at quarter past eight.
We arrived to Guadix at half past nine. There, we visited the principal square of the town. Later, we saw the Cathedral and the museum of the cathedral.
When we finished, we went to the Calahorra by bus. In this little village we visited the Castle of teh Calahorra. It was very beautiful and big.
We ate there too.
At quarter past three, we went to Baza.
In Baza, we did some things:
First, we walked and saw the city.
Later, we went to the Roman Baths. There we saw the diferents sections of this place.
Next, we went to the Archaeological Museum.
I liked this museum very much!
Then, we go back to Villanueva Mesia.
Well, I liked this travel very much and I learnt very much too.

Ana Mª Peinado Valenzuela 1º ESO

Mónica said...

On May 26 we went to route of Ibn al-khatib, we went to Guadix, Baza and the Calahorra.

First we went to Guadix to see the cathedral. Later we went to the Calahorra and saw the castle of the Calahorra and were having lunch there. Finally, we went to Baza, and saw the museum of Baza and the baths.

I liked the travel.


Irenilla said...

The 26th of May, the pupils of Cardenal Cisneros School went to the route of Ibn al-Jatib.
It began about quarter to eight, when we left the Church Place.
At Guadix arrived about ten o'clock.
First, we went to a small park, where we had breakfast and have time for be there.
Later, we went to the cathedral of Guadix.
We were see the inside of the cathedral, and then the museum.
Everything was very nice!
Then, we went to the bus, for go to the Calahorra. When we got to where it was, we were very tired!
That I liked was the outside, because inside was empty.
When we finished the visit, we went to the terrace of a bar, we were in it until two o'clock. Near, there was a park where we played until three o'clock.
Again we went to the bus for that take us to Baza.
On arrival we were take to an ice-cream shop. We were about five minutes.
We first saw some houses characteristics of Baza.
Then, we were waiting for the museum would open, but first we went to see the Arab Baths. Then we went to the museum, where we saw the Baza's Lady.
I really wanted to see it!
After the visit, we returned to Villanueva Mesía

The visit was very incredible!

Irene Navas Guerrero 1º ESO.

Alejandro said...

Yesterday, the 26th of May, my class and me went to do thr route of Ibn al-Hatib. This route was in Guadix, Baza and the Calahorra.
We left to Vva Mesía at 8:15h.. In Guadix we saw the cathedral and her museum.
Then, we went to Castle of Calahorra.
Next, we had lunch on the Calahorra and we left to Baza. In Baza, we saw the Arab Baths and the museum.
At 18:30, we returned to Vva Mesía.
This travel, is very good.

Alejandro Márquez Pérez 1 E.S.O.

ROCIO 2 ESO said...

Guadix, Baza y La Calahorra.

The day 26th of May the pupils of 1º and 2º of ESO, went to Guadix, Baza and La Calahorra.

We left of the church square at 8 o'clock in the morning and arrived to Guadix about at 9 o'clock. There we were saw the Cathedral and we had breakfast in a park.

Then we arrived to Calahorra and we saw the Castle and went up a big mountains. For finaly, we went to Baza and saw the Arab Baths and the Archaeological Museum. We saw the Balconadas and the House of the "Tetas", to.

Arrive to the Villanueva at half past seven.


alberto bermudez lopez said...

Yesterday, May 26 nosotros route did ibn al-Khatib.

Salimos de la plaza de la iglesia a las 8:15 de la mañana estubimos en la calaorra, baza y guadix.

vimos todos sus monumentos y a las 2:00 paramos en un restaurante a comer, nos echamos muchas fotos y no lo pasamos muy bien.

En el autobus estubimos cantando muchas canciones y jugamos a muchos juegos.
Llegamos a Villanueva Mesia a las 8:00 de la tarde.

Anonymous said...

Ruta Ibn Al-Jatib.
I travelled a Guadix, Baza and Calahorra. First went a Guadix and we saw the Catedral. Yhen went la Calahorra and was in the montain. In the evening went a Baza. we saw bath Árabes and the museum the Baza. Was the Dama de Baza that was very nice eiked much.

Manuel Jimenez Liñan 1ºESO

Manuel Aguilera Ortíz said...

May 26 The day we went to do a route Andalusi legacy. I tried to go to Baza, Guadix and La Calahorra. Villanueva We left at 8:15 am and arrive at 9:30 in guadix guadix went to see the cathedral that was very big and very cool inside we explained their origin, history, there was also a small museum full of boxes 10:30 jesus.A road to La Calahorra went there we went to see his castle cost us a little climb up el.Nos explained who he was, that time. When we go down from there because they ate a little before 14:00 Baza go to teachers had to eat if we stop at a restaurant near a park and while the teachers were playing a while we ate. At 15:00 we left Baza way and arrived there at 16:00 the museum would not have until 17:30 then a group went to see the other resorts árabes.y expected. Then we did the same but in reverse one group and the other was expected to enter balneario.A 17:30 at the end of the museum and saw the Lady of Baza and Baza found in archaeological remains. At 18:30 we returned to Villanueva and arrived there at 19:30.

Manuel Aguilera Ortiz 1º ESO

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