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Go to the edge, he said.
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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The future, your future...

Write a text telling how do you think about your future and the future of the world.
Write your comment until 13 February.


Manuel Aguilera Ortíz said...

My Future The Year: 2020

In the years 2020.I;ll be 24 years old. I;ll be live in a big house in Villanueva Mesía. I won;t have a wife or children but I;ll have one or two cats. I;ll be teacher the ICT.

I will have television and movil. I won;t a radio and the window. In the evenings I;ll cook and listening to music.

Manolo Aguilera Ortiz 2ºESO

eulogiotorero17@gmail.com said...

In the year 2015

In the year 2015. i,ll be 19 years old.
I,ll live in a warm house big a jacuzzi and
area with gras and swimming pool.
I have a big ship and put them
machine and truck.
I have beautiful woman with whom.
I marry and have two sons.
I have a tv and radio for music.

Eulogio Garcia Lara 2º ESO

Alejandro said...


In the year 2030 I'll be 33 years old. I'll live in a country house in the Pine Forest. Next to the house I'll have a market garden with vegetables and a place for the animals: hens, chickens, rabbits, etc. I don't know whether will have wife and children.

I'll be doctor. In the mornings I'll go to Villanueva Mesia to work and in the evenings I'll ride a bike, I'll be with the animals, I'll listen to music and cook the dinner. I'll have a computer with internet and video games.

For go to the far places, I'll have a car and a motorbike.

Alejandro Márquez Pérez 2ºESO

JeRoMyN said...

In the year 2022 I'll have 25 years old.
In my personal mind I would like to become somethings in life and as this is not archieverd, bi so so. I have to star form now. I would like to make a career. I would like to be and automobile engineer, because I like many cars, but this would metard to leave my town a got some whee else to work. I'll take the title as a couch because I like boys, girls and train them and wim some trophies with them, to contanie playing football in the Hueotr-Tajar a from another computer. I pretty women. A big house but normal, pool and garden. Well this is mi dream life so I would like to be.
Mariano Jerónimo Sanjuán Pérez 2ºESO.

Isabel said...

My Future: The Year 2024.
In the 2024 I'll have 27 years old. I'll live in a house in Valencia, with a big garden and with a swimming pool. I'll have a husband and two children; a child and a girl. I'll have a dog. I'll be lawyer.
I'll have television, mobile phone and internet. I won't have radio.
In the evening I'll play a volleyball and football.
I'll play with my children. Inthe summer holidays we'll go to the Caribbean, for my children to see the surset.
I loved to see it with my children and my husband.
Will be a very happy family.

Anonymous said...

My future
My future:the year 2030.
In the year 2030 I'll be 34 years old.
I'll live in a warm house on a big private island. I won't have a (don) dog, a cat, but I'll have a wife and two children, one boy and one girl. I'll have a car of rally, car of F1, swing pool and private circuit.
I won't have a telephone and radio; I'll just have internet and TV. The weeken I win run in the rally. I will win muxh racers.
Juan Lorca Ortega 2ºESO

manuel jimenenz liñan said...


My future the yeras 2022

Hello my name is Manuel Jimenéz .In the years 2022 .

Ill be 25 years old.

Ill live in the big houses in the countryin the mountain snowfall.My house luxuriousand i have farm the hen.Ill have a two car and five motorbikes.

I have television and telephone and i want have radio and reas and two wors lorry driver and mu hobbes is a to travel and to walk bike


alberto bermudez lopez said...


In the year 2020. I have 23 years. I live in a big house with swimming pool, a garden with fruit trees.

I will not have children yet because it would be very young but of I would have a girlfriend. Would play football at Real Madrid and Would play almost every game of the holder.

I will have a big dog to play with the soccer.

In the afternoons would invite my friends to my house to play playstation 5.

Minerva said...


In the year 2027 I'll be 30 years old. I'll live in a warm house with a big garden and lot of big windows on a beach.
I won't have husband or a children.

I'll live only, but with two dogs.

I'll be dancer: I'll dance a lot of styles.
I'll have a television, a telephone, a radio and the internet.

I'll travel to New York and London.
In the morning, I'll go to shopping and to walk for the beach.
In the evening, I'll listen to music and go out with my friends.

This will be my future.

maria said...

My future: the year 2027.

In the year 2027 I will have 30 years. This is all I know for sure about my future, nothing else I know, but I´ll write as I wish it were:
Open and able everything I want, I´ll be a Hollywood actress.
I will speak many languages.
Iwill live in a big house with swimming pool, gardens, lot of windows and rooms... out side Hollywood, where all the celebrities live.
I will have two children, a boy and a girl, he will call Damian as my father and the girl Alexandra, because it is a nice name.
My husband is will be yery handsome and hardworking, but will not be an actor like me, but a good and humble person who always knows.
I will make many movies, love, actin. adventure..., all will be known throughout the world.
Besides being an actress in Hollywood, series anf films will also Spanish and theaters.
My children, from small will be stuck in the same world that I only if they want.
Goyas win many awards, Oscars... and when you win, they are greteful to all my family, especially my father who is the are that supports me in this.
This is the future iwant to have my 30 years, for me would be perfect.


lucía said...


I don´t like to think how it will be my future because I don´t like to grow, I would always be a girl of thirteen years old. But this is impossible!

I like to live in Madrid, but never forget Villanueva Mesía. Come to visit my family and specially remember old times.
I will live in a house not very big but very warm. The house will have a small garden and a garage.

I will marry with twenty-seven years old and I will have two childrens, a boy and a girl. I will have a lot of animals: a cat, one or two dogs... I want to have a snake and a chameleon! Everybody thinks that this is a very strange idea, but this is one of my wishes for the future.

In the future I will have the driver´s license and a big car for travell in family.

Like many people I have few illusions:
What I want to know about my future is know where I´ll work. I´ll want be a marine biologist or archeologist. I know it´s difficult, but with effort I can get it.
Of course, I still like sports, specially football. Be a footballer is a distant dream for me.
Another of my hopes is that the Real Madrid it´ll be the best team of the world and raising him many titles.

This is how I wish it were my future, but it is very difficult because not all dreams come true.


Maria Jesús Bermudez Rico said...


In the year 2027 I'll be 30 years old. I will marry a very handsome boy and go on honeymoon to Paris. I'll have a boy named Daniel and girl named Iris.

I'll have a big house and welcoming with bigs windows. Have a large terrace, a swimming pool in the garden. I'll have a bathdroon with jacuzzi and a bathdroom, a lounge, a playroom for my children, a work room for me and four bedrooms.

I will also have a chalet in the field. Where I go every weekend. On the vacation with my family go to the beach.

I will be teacher or office worker, I'm not sure yet.

In the evenings stay with friends for the coffe and chat. Then prepare my chorres and then do my work.


Ana said...

My future

I don't know how will be my future, but I think it could be like that:
In the year 2015 I'll be 18 years old, and I'll get the driver's license.
I'll start my studies in the university. I'll study psychology. I'll go to live in a flat in Granada, because this way is easier for me to classes. In my free time I will continue with the drama, because I like i very much.
When I finish my degree, that it can be aproximately in 2020, I will work as a psychologist. I will help all my patiens because I like listening to the people and trying to understand them.
I will work and I will buy a big house with a garden, a terrace and a swimming pool. I will have lots of windows and balconies. I will live in a nice house in the outskirts os a village, because for me the city is very stressing.
I will have some animals: a dog and a cat. I will also have a fish.
When I am some years with my boyfriend, I will get married with he. I will have three or four children. Their names will be Daniel, Ana, alejandro and Blanca.
My children will study what they want.
This is my vision for my future.

Ana Mª Peinado Valenzuela 2º ESO

Sergio Muñoz Cobos said...

My future: The year 2025
In 2025 I will have 28 years old. I will live in a house with meny geometric shapes abstract. The house will be on my farm. It will have a pool, a roller coaster and a large soccer field. Inside my house will have a kitchen, a lounge, a games room, a gym,a garage and a large terrace.
I'll have a dog, a turtle and a horse. I will be archaeologist and discover many things.
I do not have children at that age, and cats but I like to have 3D television, a Ferrari, internet and a model girlfriend.

Sergio Muñoz Cobos ESO2

irene said...


In 2025 I will have 28 years.
Living in a big house with large garden in Malaga. I will marry and have one son. I will be children teacher. The weekends go for walks with my traditional family bought. I will have many pets such as a dog, cat, canary… I will also have a car.
During the holidays I will go see my parents and my brothers.
I try to be a good mother like mine.
I will teach my child the Earth changes the blame for the pollution and tell him to recycle for a better world.
And this is my future.


Beatriz said...

The year 2030

In the year 2030 I will be 33 years old. I'll live in a big house qith lots of windows. My house will locate in London, near the Big-Ben.

I will have two children: Daniel and Nuria. I will be a translator.

I won't have a radio; I'll just have internet, a telephone and TV.

My future will be happy and very interesant.


VIRGINIA said...

My future The year 2030:
In the year 2030 .I'll be a 34 years old . I'll be live in a big house with my family with wife my children and my dogs.My children names Camila and Salvador and my dog is Gominola and Tuli .
My dream would be to work in television as an actress but I do not get there on the second thing that I can do will be a teacher.
My dream would be to work in television as an actress but I do not get there on the second thing that I can do will be a teacher.
But I also like being with my family in my free time outside of work.

maria santiago said...


Hello! I´m María. I´m talk about how I wash that was mu future.
I would like to study business; and have a steady job.
Abour my family I would like to have a handsome husband and would like to have two childrens, a girl and a boy.
I´ll like a marry at age 23, and my honeymoon was in Haway.
My dougher called Leire or Marta and my son called Daviad or Daniel.
I would gouge my test car was seventeen and as we turned einghteen I´ll take practise.
The hause that I would have very prety, big, whit a large garden, the hause is rustic and very long pool in the garden.
In the morning I´ll work and in the evening I´ll come to play with my childrens and doing chores.
My hause would be well furnshed, and I would like to have internet for my childrens to have fn playing fames on the computer.
Don´t know what else to think about my future because then don´t happen as I´d like.
I hope things as I imagine.
Although at least I ask is that you have a job and a family and we all live in a nice hause.
That is all. Goodbye!

María Santiago Cobos 2ºESO

Irenilla said...


Hello! I'm Irene.
In the year 2030 I'll be 33 years old. I'll live in a big and warm house, with a terrace on the first floor., stairs at the entrace and it'll has a furniture and rustic apparience. On the front, there will be flowerpots of colorfull flowers. The house will be in the town, but also will have a farmhouse in the field, with some fruit trees and vegetables, to go on weekends to rest from work and breathe fresh air.
I'll marry me with 25 years old and have a son with 28 or 29 years, and he called Mark.
I'll work as teacher of child because I like small children.
I'll have a copuple of cats and a labrador or a great dane, in my house. I'll have the essential things and rooms, but also ahce a work room, and a games room, a bathroom with jacuzzi, too. I'll have a swimming pool.
I'll have two cars: one black for me and other white for my married. With 35 years old, I'll do a film and I'll win a Oscar. I'll died with 100 years old.
In the mornig I'll do class and in the evening I'll do the work for the next day and later I do the homa activities.

alvaro ruiz calvo said...

My future
In the year 2020 I'll be 23 years old. I will live in New York city in a big house near Central Park. I won't have a wife or childrens but I will have a dog. I will work at Bustin Longboards crew in Brooklyn appearing in bustin longboards videos and testing the new prototypes. I will win the longboard world cup.
I will have a band called The Capsizes that will win the grammys awards. I will be the rhythm guitar and will be the singer.

Álvaro Ruiz Calvo 2º ESO

Anonymous said...

In the year 2022 I´ll be 25 years old.
I´ll live in a big country´ś house in a Villanueva Mesía. I´ll live witch my pets. I´ll football player.
I have television, thelephone and internet.
In the evenigs play football and listen to music.
I´ll cook for the evenigs.l


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