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We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My future

Write a composition  about your future.

You have until Friday 29 February.


gerardo said...


In the year 2030 i´ll be 31 years old.
I´ll live in a warm house with lots of big windows on a his hotel. I wont have a wife or children , but i´ll have a dog and cat.
I´ll be a firefighter: I´ll save people.
I´ll just have a radio and the internet .In the evening.
I´ll cook and listen to music.

Gerardo Cuevas 2 ESO

Rocío Moraga Sanchez said...


In the year 2020 i´ll live in Malaga i´ll study to be a dentist.
I´ll live in a flat with my friends near the beach.
I´ll go to the beach every day.
I´ll go to the cinema with my brother and i´ll go shopping with my friend.
I´ll have a dog and two squirrels.
I´ll run every day and i´ll have a red car.To go to Villanueva Mesia.

Rocío Moraga Sánchez.

Unknown said...
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Sebastián said...

In the year 2030 I´ll be 32 yers old. I´ll live in a big hause with my family. I will have a great carrer for me could we live ith my family well throughout our lives.
I will have two children and want then to be students, good peoples and athletes.
I will ant my wife who ean cook and know to be a hausewife, who work and eam money and it shall be mine.

CaRoLiina said...


In the year 2030, I'll be 31 years old.
I'll live in a house near the beach.
I'll have a boy and a girl. My husband will be blond and blue-eyes.
I'll be dentist, because i love children.
I'll have a telephone Tv and computer.
I'll cook and read and I'll listen to music.
I'll travel of many countrys.
I'll have two dog ¡I love dog!
I'll have many clothes.
I'll call my children, Rebecca and Taylor. I'll write poems and novels.
I'll be very rich.

Ángela said...

My name will be Ángela Uclés, I will be 31 years old in the year 2030.
I'll live in a big house with two gardens, two balconies, and a big windows. In the bedroom there will two beds and two TV.
My city will be Palma de MAllorca. I will have two children, one girl and one boy. Will be call Marcos and Ángela. Will have a dog.
I won't be a write. I will have two computer and three or four telephone; I will have a radio and Internet. In the evening I'll dance, swim, cook, listen to music and walk. I will be two cars and one motorbike.
In my house there will a pool, garage, tennis camp and bike.

Ángela Uclés Luque 2ºESO

Unknown said...
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yasmina said...

My future in 2030.
In 2030 I will have 84 years.
When you 84años, I'll be in my house because I'll be old and I will not have strength to work.
In 2030 open more new things.
I hope the future will be better than this!

Unknown said...
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Maria Jose Gamiz Delgado said...

In the year 2032. I will have 34 years. I know what i´m going to dedicate. I'talk about my future:
I wall study in a university and i will have several carrers.
I wil be a great singer.
I will have a big house. I will have a swimming pool, garden and many rooms. I'll live in New York and go to many parties.
I'll have havea husbond and several children. I'll have two girls. The older girl she will be called Kaile and the second will be called Iris.
My husband will be lawyer and he will like my music. He will speak many languages.
He and me will travel the world. We will have photosnfrom all over the world.
We will have pets: two birds, a dog and a cat.
My daugthers will be a gread actress and all my family will be famous.
This will be my future and wioll be perfect!

María Jose Gámiz Delgado 2ºES

Juan Fran said...


In the year 2030 I will have 33 years old I will live in huelva in a big house. In my house I will have stables with horses I will pratice riding and I will go to carerrs. I will work with excavators and tractors. I will have a pretty wife and two children.

Juan Francisco Moreno Entrena 2º ESO

Yisela said...

MY FUTURE: The year 2030
In the year 2030 i´ll be 30 years old. I´ll live in Viena, Austria. I´ll be a big and elegant house with a swimming pool, three living rooms, a library with many books, a gym, a office, a fabulous kitchen ang a bieg playground.
I won´t have a husband or children, but I have many dogs, a parrot, two parakeets and a beautiful Persian cat. I´ll be judge and I´ll work in a wonderfull building. I´ll travel around the world: China. Malta, Paris, Italy, Australia, Canada, New York…. I´ll have many clothes, and I´ll be very famous.
I´ll help the poor and I´ll collaborate with Unicef, Caritas and United Nations. I´ll be a goo person and I´ll adopt African children. But the most important is: I´ll be very happy with my life.
Yisela Ortiz Ruiz, 2 eso.

cristina Sanchez said...


In 2030 i will have 33 years.
I will buy a house in the Canary island. The house will have four floors, a swimming pool, paddle tennis and a spa tub.
I will be higher y will want to be phisiotherapist. In the future i will have an ipad , mp9 and sevety inch tv.
Cristina Sánchez

María Rico Carrascosa said...


In the year 2017 I'll be 18 years old.
I'll start my studies in the university.
I'll study idioms. I'll go to live in a flat in Málaga. In my free time I will go with my friends.
When I finish my defree, that it can aproximately in 2021 I will work and help all those who need me.
I'll buy a big house with have lots of balcoines and windows. I will live in a nice house outside the village, I'll have two or three children.
This is the future I want to have, for me would be perfect.

María Rico Carrascosa 2° ESO

Elena said...

In the year 2030 I'll be 31 years old. I'll live in a warm house in a big city. I will be very happy with husband and my two children: Rocio and Daniel.
I'll be study for tacher of English.
I'll live one year in England for study my racing of teacher. I'll have got a dog and a bird, but I won't have got a fish. I'll have a television and computer for my children to play with it.
I'll married in the Canary Islands. The party of celebration will be simple because I like the simple things.
This will be my live in the year 2030!

Elena Gordo Gámiz

Inés said...


In the year 2030. I´ll be 31 years old. I´ll live is a big house with my husband and my children on a little village for example in Villanueva Mesía. I won´t have cats but I´ll have a dog. I´ll write, read, draw and listen to music. I´ll study lenguages: French, English, German and Chenese. I´ll travel for study in London, Oxford and Manchesterd. I´ll marry and I´ll have two children. My children will be Ainoha and Jose. I´ll celebrate my marry on a big and beautiful garden on a big hotal. The tecnologic will be very good.

Inés Leyva Gordo 2º ESO

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