"Tell me and I forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand".
“Go to the edge, he said.

We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Friday, 11 January 2013

I like to play

Look at this video and sing the song.
Then translate it in your notebook.
Write your opinion about the song in comments.


Ángela said...

I really liked this very entertaining for parents and children. And tellin parents they have to play with their children.

Ángela Gámiz Muñoz. 1 de ESO

Raúl Gámez Castro said...

I found a very funny video. Also a good campaign to unite children with their parents.

Anonymous said...

jose javier ayllon cobos:
I loved it because it is very cool. Also a good campaign to unite children with their parents.

Unknown said...

The song is very funny and cheerful love that you blog and is a great advertising campaign.

Laura Miñoz Cobos. 1 de ESO

Unknown said...

It is a happy and funny song. Also appear a good campaign in which children encourage parents to play with them.

Clara Verdejo Ayllón.1 de ESO

Unknown said...

I really liked this video to because what he says is true, and parents play with their children deverian and still not too late. I was surprised too, because the console does not sponsor, if not the parents instead of buying videoconcolas play with them.
I like playing with my parents!

David Cuevas Perez said...

Me to love this video, it's fun and I like to see children play because i also like to play.


gerardo said...

This video is very nice, with this video you want to come over to play when it's raining.

Javier said...

This is a good video for the parents that don't play with their children and the children don't play much to computer games. It is funny and happy too.

Javier Palma Ayllón 2° E.S.O

Ana Belén said...

This song means that you have to spend more time with your kids and you can also do it by playing video games on the play station, wii, nintendo 3DS, etc. .. There are different things for parents to have fun with their children / as.
Ana Belén Peregrina Arco.2ºESO.

Nerea said...

This song means so many things to play with,the important thing is to have fun.

Nerea Guerrero García. 2 DE ESO.

Anonymous said...

I think what this video means is that it is important to devote time to what you like and in the company that you like.
Lidia Gámez Liñán.

Unknown said...

The video seems interesting, because it teaches and encourages parents and children to play together and share different sports activities.

Andrea Oviedo Chilavert.2ESO.

Ana Maria Camacho Guerrero said...

I think the video is very fun, but it's also a help for the parents, because they advise for than play with their children.
Ana María Camacho Guerro.2ºESO

Unknown said...

I love this video,it's fun and the images also.
Alba María Guerrero Sánchez.2ºESO

Pedro said...

I loved this video because it is very nice, funny and catchy. In addition also helps the children play with their parents.

Pedro Jesus Jimenez Gomez. 2º Eso

Emilio José Cebrián Argüelles said...

I like the video. It's fun and very good. It's veri beautiful
Emilio José Cebrián Argüelles 2ESO

María Sevilla said...

This video is very funny to me liked it.
It shows that you can have fun anywhere

María Sevilla López. 2ºEso

Neiva said...

Seemed to me a very nice because the child 's come out to play with their parents and forget about the consoles.
So I have this vidio on TV a to be seen around the child 's parents in the world

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