"Tell me and I forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand".
“Go to the edge, he said.

We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Friday, 3 April 2009

Write a story

Do you like writing? You can create your own story here.


Write a story in a piece of paper using these words below.
First translate them into English.
aves, avioneta, campo, casa, castillo, cueva, feliz, nieve, nubes, pastor, pastos, rey, rico, sol, vaca , viento, violin

Title your story and draw a picture to illustrate it.
Afterward, review your story and make sure all your sentences are complete sentences: Subjects, verbs and complemets.

Finally, copy your own story in the Englishblog and give de paper to your teacher.

Remember: Do a space next to a punctuation mark. Put capital letter then a point. Beware of copy and paste from a translator. Translations are nonsense! Beware of spelling or typing mistakes!
You must do this task until April 30th.


Mónica said...

Once upon a time, there was a poor shepherd, he lived in a cold cave. One day went to the fields, while the cows ate the pasture, the shepherd played his violin, in this moment the weather changed, and began to snow and the shepherd saw a light aircraft. There was windy and the light aircraft crashed and the shepherd ran to the light aircraft and there was a king. The king was urconscious the shepherd saved the king before the light aircraft exploded.
The shepherd put the king on the grass and then the king woke up and thanked the shepherd and gave him a lot of money. The shepherd bought a big house, wear the castle of the king, because the king wanted for him. The shepherd had to care the birds of the king the days that was cloudy and the days that was sunny the shepherd flied with the kind in the light aircraft. The shepherd was very rich and very happy forever



*LAURA* said...

These is my story:

Once upon a time there was a man shepherd, who lived in a little house in the country.He had a farm, with a cow, a lot of sheep who ate pasture every day, two dogs and a lot of birds.
He wanted be rich, but also he liked the country.
A day, he took his animals to graze.There was a splendid sun, so he move away from his house.
Suddenly, started to blow the wind and reached some clouds very darks.Started to rain. He and his animals ran and ran.
José, the shepherd, saw a cave, where himself sheltered with his animals.
Then started to fell a lot of snow. José and his animals ran to his house.
Had de dinner, in the television, announced who a person can did be the new king of the village.
-I go to present!

Two moths have passed, was the day of the election. He can be the new king.
Everyone know to José, and was friend of everyone.
At next day, counted the votes.José won!, he had that go to the castle, in that lived as king.
Not sold his animals, told that the looked after.
In the castle, there was a lot of rooms; in one room, there were a lot of instruments:a violin, a piano...In the garden, there was a light aircraft.
He was very happy.
He was a king during a lot of years, until who he died.


Laura Rodríguez Ordóñez 2ºE.S.O.

alvaro said...


Once upon a time, two children, Álvaro and David, they had a very nice light aircraft. A day of the sun, they piloted the light aircraft, over a field of rice, floating in the clouds and saw an enormous castle.
They decided go to see what existed there, and only a poor cow was staying, eating in a few pastures and the king, who was criying very sadly because before he was rich and he remained without his fortune, he had not even house where to live. A lot of time was living in one old cave full of snow, there it was very cold. Then one day he listened to a very nice sound that was coming from the outside, he was a shepherd who was touching his violin.
Then he went out and the shepherd when he saw it approached and took it to his house. When they came to his house it served him food, drink and everything what wanted. The king was very happy, and he resumed his life, thought were he was living it was windy and had to buy on the market a few powerful birds to do the labors of the field, and this way it was the history of this king.


Saray said...

Once upon a time a shepherd who lived in town unknow.He was taking care of sheeps and cows.
One day,while a cow was eating pastures,a birds were flying happy between the clouds.When the night comes,the shepherd finished his work and he went away to his house.
The following day,when he went to the field found snow throughout.The shepherd decided to go a place where there was no snow.
The shepherd saw a cave not very far from where the sheeps were.
He entered wihtout thinking it,after crossing the cave,he was surprised,because towards the sun,though also ran wind.
In the distance,he saw that a light aircraft that landed on the court of a great castle.A few men accompanied him up to the castle.
The shepherd was welcome by the king,the king seemed to be rich enough and happy,while he was entering to the castle a violin were listened,it was a very sweet music.
Finally the king offered to remain in his castle and he agreed but without to be careless his cows and his sheeps.


Saray Pérez Nieto 2ESO

Anonymous said...


There was a once a very rich king that his daugther was living in his castle with his princess María.
The princess was appearing every day to his balcony to see fly to the birds and the princess to see the sun in the mountain.One day decided to go out to give a walk and when it was walking encontred along the firts time with a cow and I thrill very much to came back home she went away for the pastures near to the castle the following day said to his father that of walk and i leave her she was going etering the forest very happy .
Where there began to tumble and come to a river.
She crossed and come to a cave. Approached and touched there lived a very old list that carring for a sherped who was wanted by the bite of an snake.
The elderly recived very well and gave a magdalena she ate it and left .
He began to wind back started falling snowflakes and clouds were saddened returned to the house where his father had bouht a private light aircraft and violin that you like very much.
Besss kisss


Anonymous said...

Hello, my teacher!!!
My history is:
There was a time a field where there was a house, a castle in the who lived a rich king and a cave where in the posture grazed a cow and on the who flyed the birds.

A day the sky was cloudy is to say with clouds and blowed the wind, then the snow started to fall and the king hated these days but ocurred an idea: taked his light aircraft and his violin and touched by the sky his violin and of soon goed the sun and the king was very happy



Anonymous said...


In the distant place lived a king called Rodolfo, and he was a daughter, a princess called Catherine. She was dark, thin and beautiful. They lived at a very luxurious castle.
Catherin was twenty years old and her tradition told what she marry with a boy. Her father proposed a rich young for married with his daughter. This young was a marquis’s son. Catherin didn’t wont marry with this boy and a evening, she escaped. It’s wind.
A sherpherd was in the country and he saw the princess and she went to his house with he. He gived at the princess cleand clothes and food. At the other mornning it’s cloudes and sunny, so the princess went to the country and she milked the cows. In the country she discovered some secret of the nature. She saw a cove, she went in the cave and lisened a sound. In the cave there was a boy and played the violin. She spoke with he fall in lave. They bought aircraft. Now they live in the Alpes. The was beautiful place with snow and a lot of bird.


Anonymous said...

There was once family that had two children. His children were called Lucas and Mario.
Lucas was the major one and he liked very much the light aircrafts.
Mario was the minor, they it were not treating him very badly and ever were allowing him to play with his friends.
After three years Lucas married a queen and turned into king, he was living in an enormous castle.
On the other hand, Mario did not have the same luck that his brother, when his parents died remained alone but in spite of the pain he decided to continue living in his house where all his infancy had happened.
He was devoting itself to take care of the cows, every evening he was taking them to the pastures that existed in the mountain. One day there was a cave in which there was a heap of snow decided to play awhile and when the snow Mario melted finded a medallion with the photo of his parents and never separated of him.
Some evenings Mario was going out of walk and normally he was lying down in the field to the shore of a river to contemplate the birds that were flying for the sky, also much liked to listen to the sound of thewind and to see the clouds and the sun.
One morning Mario listened to the sound of a few violins and decided to look out of the window of his bedroom to see what happened.
On having appeared he saw that he was his brother with his servants who were coming to be reconciled by him.
From this day Mario and his brother were very happy and the two were some of the rich of the whole world.


Noelia Morales Pasadas
2º ESO

Ana Belén said...

Hello teacher!
This is my story:

THE FAMILY WHO NOT HAVED HOUSEOnce upon a time a family who lived in a cave. There were two boys, two girls, a father and a mother. The father worked as a shephend and he went out to the country every morning with his sheep and take a the pasture. The mother looked after hen four children were little: four, six and eight years.
When the girls came back from school they went with their father and the boys played with their plane which a king had offened them a day of snow. When the girls went with their father, they used to look at the clouds to draw picture the bird with them. Every morning, they drank some milk from a cow which they had got and from their father's sheep. Then, they went hapily to school.
A sunny day, the four children went for a walk and they found a castle. When for the saw it, they knocked at the door and a girl opened it. She was every pretty and they all because friends. She offened a violen to them because she was rich and she had got a lot of toys and instruments the wind. But the girl wanted to offen them a best present: a house.

The family was very happy forever!


Ana Belén Rodríuez Argüelles 2ºESO

Anonymous said...


A nice evening of spring the sun was shining between among small clouds and the wind.
Was blowing softly imitating the sound of the violin in the field country were graring the cows.
In the mountains still yet one saw snow and the birds were demolishing the sky.
In the distence one saw a light aircaft came.
All that I saw it from my cave that for my is my castle, of the richest King and me I felt happy.


Anonymous said...

First,i was in the field down i a greens grass, nearly of the sheperds
that they was sherpheding to they cows; i was looking for the birs and
a small plane, it was a sunny day. Then, it began a lot of wind and it began to the snow, the clouds appeared very soon and ishettered in a cave , where inside it had a castle.
The castle was of a king very rich
that he played the violin, and he was very happy.
I make friend of he when the storm
stopped i went to mi house.


Beatriz!! said...



It had once,a very rich king that he liked very much the houses in the field.
A day of a lot of wind,he to decide to buy a castle hear the cave where day were living the animals and birds of the shepherd Juan.He was a poor man that living only in his your house near the river.
He extract to the pasture the animals (cows) the day of sunny ,but the day of clouds or snow he was going down and cuttins boil it for afterwads to take her to the cave he living happy with your animals.He pastime with only a light aircroft that tape-worm from small and playing the volin that i give her your father a lot of time ago



noelia jimenez 1ºeso said...


In a field full of birds habia a small house next to a cave and a few apples beyond(farther) habia a castle. A girl called alicia went to hechar pasture to the cows and encontro to the king to the rich one that vivia in the castle.
- my light aircraft has lost virginity do you know someone who could me arrreglar?
- if, I know the shepherd pedro enseguidalo I call The shepherd I arrange it and the king wanted to be grateful for it to him(you,them).

The king escribio a letter saying to alicia that on the 22nd of mallet it(he,she) was to a dinner with elpastor, they were in the field it was one day with the Sun but in the castle habia clouds and was blowing of wind and almost route the snow to fall down of the sky When a boy to enter habia touching the violin after the holiday(party) they were happy in the field.



GeRaRdo said...


Was once was a shepherd who had a very big day and many cabras.The Decius go to pasture, was so far out that the landscape and did not know him and found a castle. Began to look with curiosity and found a king on the inside that was almost dead, the king gave him the keys to a plane to ask the pastor to pastor help . El did not know very well and lead estreyo a flock of birds and shut in a cave, later looking for the cave was found a house and was very happy, but the house was missing snow and there was nobody. It escapes a crak and finally saw the clouds and the sun. Azaña was done by that famous rich, and everyone was happy and ate cows


Anonymous said...

These is my history:

Trere once was a child named Mcchel who lived in the field. one day to ward the sun and the sky was covered the clouds,
birds and to some wind, Michael grazing
her cows. How be bore to decide walk and
saw a cave, but decided not to explore.

In the afternoon come back home, have dinner and go to bed. All night he dreamed that was the son of rich king that lived in a big castle, he was very happy, because her parents bought a light aiercraft. Michael hobbys was play
violin. Michael to walk up the next day and to realize that the dreamed not was
real. Later have breakfast wasthe field to graze. He liked what he had dreamed,
and also saide the field is not for me,
but the next day was more cheerful and
realized that what said yesterday was not true, because he like living in the



ROSA said...


One day a rich king sent a bird with a massage to a village of his kingdom. In the way to come to the village there was a storm, did wind and snowed. The bird suffed an accident and he has to sleeped in a cave untill did sun. The bird throwed to fly for the village. There to met with a shepherd with her cows and pastures, and he gave the message. The message told:

- Who find to message to get married with my daughter.

The boy that played the violin, he went her house very happy, then, he went to the counteu of the castle, with her aurcauft. There, knew to the princess and they married. This day there was cloudes.


Anonymous said...


In Scotland there was a castle of the king Arturo.
Arturo was a country rich in trees and flowers. He has a aircraf for see birds.
In his pasture there are a shepherd, a poor house and a cave in ruins.
A day whit clouds, the king called when shepherd for what played the violin.
The king was happy. He wanted buy acow white how the snow, but he can't find, because cows are white with spot blacks.
Arturo is happy with do sun and there is wind for fly with his aircraf in the garden of his castle.


Anonymous said...

The Rich.
Once upon a time, one family told him rich. A sunny day, left two brothers, Irene and Laura for a walk around the field that made them very happy. They found a shepherd and their pastures and the pastor told them not to continue on foot who had a castle in ruins. They thought that was a lie because they had not ever seen, but not heeded him and continued walking. When they reached the castle, clouded, he began to do a lot of wind, rain and even snowed. They said that this castle would be a king or a rich.
In one cave was found the skeleton of a cow. They heard a noise was very loud and scared and went running to his house.
The father told them not take long they had to keep feeding the birds. When they reached home, began to play with their planes they liked a lot. The parents were to take David, the young son, who plays the violin.

the end

Andrea Rico Rico 1º ESO


These is my history:

There was a shepherd that lived in a big house, because he was rich. He was very happy because he was a lot of money but he was alone.

One sunny day the shepherd went to the field and there was a old man, played the violin while ten cows that was eating the pasture. The shepherd camo to the old man and became to talk with the man.

The old man told the shepherd that he was a king, but his uncle stole all his money. The man told that the lived in a old cave.

In a this moment the weather changed and was cloudy, windy and became to snow. The shepherd and the king went to shepherd´s house and told the king that lived with him. The king was happy and the shepherd built a castle and they lived here, and every day the new friends fly in a light aircraft, and saw a lot of birds flying in the blue sky.


Anonymous said...

"The King"
A lot of time ago in a green field a rich king was living in a castle. A day of the Sun the king went to touch the violin close to his cow while the birds were flying.
To 5 kilometres of there there was living a shepherd who was devoting himself to the shepherding cow. A night of snow and a lot of wind, the shepherd took his light aircraft and crossing the frozen clouds it went to the castle and stole the cow.
On the following morning the king saw that the cow was not. Ihe) went to house of the shepherd who was living in a great cave.
The cow was there, but the shepherd was not. Then the king took his cow and they went away to the castle and the king became very happy.

Alejandro Pavón Extremera.

DAVID said...

Maestro deja que meta el trabajo el lunes o asin que se a quedado en la escuela.

Cristina Adamuz Gonzalez said...

•The lost girl.•

This is a girl that she liked to travel very much in light aircraft, always this one between clouds and birds. But one day while she was piloting began it is necessary to be windy and it she lost the control, then I star against the castle of the king richly of the world.
But she was lucky of that a shepherd saw her and I take her to him to his her house to treat him the wounds.
When I recover they went out in search of the house of the girl, crossed many fields, mountains…
Until one day they stopped to resting in a few pastures where there were many cows, there they passed the day, on the following morning they were woken up by the warm Sun, but I do not last very much because to the moment it started falling great snow and they had to shelter in a cave where there was a man touching the violin.
He said that it could take them up to the people(village), they said that if, then they began the trip where the girl found to his family and was very happy.

Cristina Adamuz González. 2ºESO

DAVID said...

Once upon a ime a man who was living in a cave small and full of snow when the king of Spain happened one week called it in order that it was touching the violing because it touches it very well. When it was windy in the cave it was very cold when it is sunny one is very nicely and warmly, it threw itself tauching one year goining money a house was bought in the field to take core of birds cows and it turned into a good shepherd. It was to the village to enter the lottery that was looking like to him a bilge, to the return there were the sky clouds and it hurried up in cutting a few postures for the cows. When it was the drawing of the lottery to the man he touched it and become very happy because it fad become rich. When he received the money a catle and a light aircroft was bought for. After the time in formed a big company and died beig rich to you seventy years.

David RICO. 2ºESO.

Anonymous said...


There is a castle damned in the who not sang the bird , you never listened to the violi... Why the king there was forbiden . No liked the thing happies or related to the field , example:cows ,shepheds ,sheeps, flowers , caves .He is despicable!A fantastic day to give a walk , according to the king . Why the clauds cover to the saly the windy it runs . The king goes out to give a walk . Later it started falling snowflakes of snow . It got in a house , but ,they threw it for villain . The king without his walths not tape-worm to be alote . The because of the wind a light aircraft . I start against the king . The king dead .

Sonia Avilés Silgado 2 ESO

fernando said...


Onie upon a time a shepherd that lived in the field.Hewas very happy and he had a flock of birds where he was the king.He had a light aircraft with a picture of a Sun.One day he went to the country.

There, his cows ate pasture.Also, he found a cave where he went in it and found a castle.The castle was of a very rich boy that played the violin.Suddenly, it began windy and the shepherd went back to his house.

In the way, there were a lot of clouds and snow.When he arrived at house he sat near to the fireplace and slept.

The end.

Fernando Ibañez Toro 2ª ESO

carlos ortega ortiz said...


There once was a king who lived in a castle. The king was very happy because they just invent avioneta.El which was very rich, possessed, reindeer, cows, birds like ducks ...

One day walking through some grass saw a house. And he preguto a shepherd who lived in that home, a woman answered. He decided to go visit her, and fell in love with her.

The site in a cave. It was not a good day had much wind clouds.while playing the violin snow began to fall.She is not present and was very sad and do not assume castle came into view.


MIKI said...


In the house of country in Ireland to bringed very birds,every day did very sun.A day started to blow the wind and to fill the sky the clouds.The sherpherd said that snowy after the two hours.
The sherpherd started to keep its cows,to have twochildrens.They never musted saw snow.A some kilometres its house,there was a castle to sorround a very big cave where lived a king rich and happy,that to liked play the violin.the king hear out the windows and saw that did snowy very much, he is very much surprised, teh king to take it light aircraft and to fly towars village wuere live her mother,for see there to had snowy and saw that no, but her mother said that didn´t to pass nothing

Michael A. Rodriguez Valencia 2ºESO



Once upon a time in a village near Brussels, which was called Tervuren,
had a big house, and in the middle of the park had a huge cave,
and in this forest, a lake was dark and gloomy castle with a giant
in which lived a monster, it was called Monster, which he called the rich king of the violins.

Monsta had eaten all the cows that lived on the lake, all the children who came to the lake and all the cows from the pastors
and therefore had a huge tummy and round;
it was so great that when the monster was moving,
it dragged along the ground and to move better,
I had to cling to the branches of trees surrounding the lake,
and all crashes and almost half were at the height of the Aguay also asked him to wind it alludaran.

Monster, monster, I was hungry, he was hungry;
and there was nothing to eat, had eaten all the boys and cows around, and children no longer came to the lake shore because they were afraid.

Until one day, near the lake, there was a group
children playing football and a child gave him a tiny
kick the ball that went into a corner near the lake.

Monster, which was hungry every day, looked at that thing
round near the corner of the lake, and thought I could eat.
So I went to the corner, and dragging its guts
grip on tree branches, and a mouthful, swallowed the ball.Pero remained hungry and tamvien think you could eat the child, seemed a rich cotton nuve. But this monster is either the child fell and became his Monsta friend.desde that day no one came to eat and spent the afternoon with a friend so, lying on the field, watching the clouds and playing with the plane teledirijida.


ana entrena said...


A day of snow in a field to five kilometres of the city there was a shepherd who had big extensions of pastures to feed to his flock of cows. He was living in a cave that was his house. He was very poor, a windy day the shepherd spied a castle where there was living the king Espabartoli who was very rich. They became very good friends and he shared many aficciones as flying in light aircrafts, a walk took on her shores of the river to see the end of the putting Sun, to look at some birds like sparrows, swallows...
Espabartoli gave classes of violin to the shepherd, because it was doing a lot of illusion to him. One day Espabartoli suffered a terrible heart attack and died. This one the shepherd left his castle as inheritance hisfriend in order that it was not poor and yes happily. But providing that it was looking at the clouds he remembered his great friend "Espabartoli".


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time a rich man who had a boy named Juan. A man name Jose who lives in Granada. The boy liked to play the violin. They lived in a big house and a field full of grass, it was cows, sheep, poultry and a large airplane. Jose hired a shepherd to care for their animals. I went to see the snow of Sierra Nevada. But day very windy and the sky was many clouds. and then began to snow The next day was sunny and Jose was very happy and was playing with the snow all day. When Jose had to go and began to mourn. His father told him he was going to buy a home close to Sierra Nevada.

2º E.S.O.

Anonymous said...

Maestro que se me a olvidado el titulo:



Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, in a very far kingdom, a humble shepherd lived in it.
The shepherd lived in a little house, with his flock and his cow. The shepherd liked to paint him, so he drawed a lot of diagrams of flying machines, it were similar to present-day light aircraft. The shepherd made the drawing to look the birds during very time that it went for there.
His house had around green pastures and near of it, had a enormous castle. In the castle lived the king more rinch of the area, with his daugther Saphiro. She was a good violinist, but she didn't be happy because she didn't have any person for speak, and she can't see the light of sun.
One day, the shepherd went to milk his cow. Then he found a king's notice. It said:
The shepherd didn't think it and he started to look Saphiro. He was in love of Saphiro and he thought that he found her, he will marry Saphiro.

The shepherd went a village for make questions. The inhabitants said his that they heard the sound of a violin in the mountain's cave that it was next to the village. The shepherd went to the cave but he suffered very much on the way: the windy froze her body, the clouds made that he can't see because the fogy was very dense and the snowy made that he didn't walk fast.
When he arrived to cave, he entered in it.
After that he can saw Saphiro that she was sat.
-Why did you escape of the castle?, he asked Saphiro.
-I wanted a person to speak with it, I was very alone in the castle, said Saphiro.
-But you must return to the castle, your father is very worry for you!!
-OK, but with a condition, you must be with me, please.
-For granted!! Indeed, I am in love of you, said shepherd.
-When we return to the castle, we will marry, because...I am in love you also, told Shapiro.

Finally, Saphiro and the shepherd returned to the castle. They married and they were very happy, because they lived in a country house that it is next to the castle.


Elena Palma Ayllón.2ºESO

Anita said...

There was once a very rich king called Gines who was living in a very big castle with many butlers. He wasn´t happy, thought he had everything what wanted was feeling that this life was overwhelming him. He decided to buy a country house to happen the weekends in the mountain, this may in winter he enjoy the snow and in spring the sun and the clouds.
Gines was wishing that the weekend was coming, to take his light aircraft and to walk a shepherd was giving him pastures to his cows. This said to him that he knew the "Enchanted Cave". The king was interested for the place and wanted to visit it. It was windy, but he decided to go. When he entered there he listened to the fluttering of the birds that were sheltering there, it was a marvel of the nature. When he came back home as every night he play to violin and this king in his new life finally was happy.

Ana Espejo Nieto. 2ºESO

Ana Ir. said...

The girl and the violinOnce upon a time a shepherd that lived in a very old house with his two daughters.
The shepherd worked from morning to night in the field, looked after his sheeps and cows. The sun shined.
The pasture didn't be good, because the man didn't have money.

While he worked, his daughters found fruits. Nicole, while found fruits, she found a cave. She frightened when saw a enormous bear. She started to run.
In the meantime, Cleo foung an airport. She saw planes and light aircraft. She loved the planes. She liked see them in the sky, with the clouds.

It started to snow, it was too windy and the girls came back to house with apples, oranges, bananas...

At night, the family sat near to fireplace for listened Cleo played violin. She played it so well that the sound looked like the chirp of the birds.
In that moment, the king's page passed to the door of the house. When he listened the sound of the violin was amazed. He looked out of the windows and saw the girl played the violin.

The page started to run to castle for explained it to king. The king told cook as played the violin the girl. The cook told it gardener... everybody heard about it.

People and king went to the shepherd's house for listened violin. When the girl finished to play it, all people applauded.

The king loved that sound. He decided:
>>Cleo go to my castle for play violin every morning and I give her a lot of money<<.
The shepherd accepted.

The family was rich and the father and girls was very happy!


Ana Ir. Gordo Moreno 2ºESO.

[Sorry, but I didn't have internet =S]

Anonymous said...


Once upon a time a king very rich. He had a castle and a light aircraft. The king was tired from be rich.

A sunny day he walked to got with a pastor. He lived in a small house in the country very long of the city.

The king decided live like a pastor and the pastor like a king.
At first were happy: the king walked with some cows in the pasture and the pastor played the violin, and watched the bird.

But when arrived the winter with wind, snow and very cloud. They weren't happy animore.

A day when the king walked, started to rain the king sheltered in the cave.
He told: missed my castle.
The pastor in the castle told: missed my house


er rambo said...


One day I went hunding with my father birs to very high montain, when we got there we took refuge in a cave to wait for passing birs, but not any step .

The two hours we saw a bird that fly very high and my father a note something extremely rare is fixed well and waf giving to him to and small aicraft and then the small aircraft is I spoled and must make a very mandatory landing because the wind it tape_worm in againts
then the pipe pilot that land on top of a house that there is in the field because the clouds not were letting in to see.

When was landing the pilot lakced very little so that plunderend to a shephend was going it very happy
the shepherd was carryying
put a cup because toward munch sun that cup was of a king the king was very rich and tape_worn a great castle.

But finally the pilot I land well and my father and I thorow gave an very good.


zoila gamez liñan said...

There once was a princess who lived in a huge castle, surrounded by birds, cows and a warming sun throughout the castle.
His father the king richest Flipilandia left the castle with the intention that his daughter is worth it alone.

The princess went for a walk around the field when snow started to fall. to appear a lot of clouds and clouds and a lot of wind, the princess did not know what to do, until you hear a violin and she was closer to that sound when I come to a cave where there was a pastor.

The pastor to see that the princess was told that it was wet with his house and accept the princess.
When they reached the princess sat beside the fireplace and over time his clothes were dry.
The pastor followed the princess to her castle in a plane.
The princess was very happy

Inma Alcaide Moreno said...


On upon a time, shepherd who wanted to be rich. The shepherd had cows and the cows were in the pastures. In the sky there were birds, the Sun clouds and a light aircraft also.

The shepherd was happy in his house in the field, but, he wanted to live in a great castle. While, in a mountain near there, there was living a king who wanted to live in the village.

One day, the king escaped of the castle and he found the shepherd. They were looking alike greatly and they decided to change.

The winter came and the shepherd already was tired of being a king. The king and the shepherd became very friends. The king was going to visit always the shepherd.

A day of snow, they remained caught in a cave. The king had a violin. He play the violin and the policemen who were looking for it listened to it. They were safe and became big friends.



Anonymous said...


This was once a shepherd who with his sheeps went to a field where habia many pastures, one of his sheeps encontro a light aircraft, the shepherd went to see that there was what encontro his sheep and when less it the light aircraft was expected empezo to re-join all his sheeps and he led them towards a cave.

With the light of the Sun it saw something something shone (parecia of great value) parecia some thing of great value, IT WAS A DIAMOND! I guard it in the pocket and it put to walk. The clouds were covering the Sun and it was starting doing cold, the wind that corria did that one of his sheeps was catching a cold.
The shepherd saw in the distance a castle and penso that there to eat and to help to his sheep. They ran towards, touched and they an old and very high king, the shepherd help and this one gave it to him.

The shepherd taught him the diamond that he found and the king said to him that one would buy it for 50.000 million Euros.
The shepherd without thinking it sold it.
The king gave to him his money.
The shepherd on the following morning went to the village to buy him a great thing, since it was rich, also there were bought a violin, birds, cows, horses ... he found to his orange average and they were very happy.


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