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Go to the edge, he said.
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My hobbies

Write a composition with a paragraph for each hobby.

Use vocabulary of sports and hobbies, adverbs of frecuency, can/can't, must/musn't, tell your likes and dislikes, about you and your family, friends, etc...

Remember. You must do this task until 12th March!
Required for 2nd ESO.
Recommended for 1st ESO.


Beatriz Morales Jimenez said...


Hi! I am Beatriz and I am Spanish. I'm from Villanueva Mesía and I'm student in Cardenal Cisneros Secundary School. I'm twelve years old. My birthday is the eleventh of June. My hobbies are:

* Sports. My favorites sports are football, tennis and volleyball. In my school there is one team of football. They are: Lucía, Alejandro, Juan, Alberto, Manuel Jiménez, Sergio and a lot of girls and boys.

* Dance and music. My favorite singer is Beyoncé and my favorite dancer is Shakira. I don't practise dance and sing, but I like them.

* Languages. I'm interesting in English and French. I like languages because I'm good in them. My friends and I like languages. My sister help me when I necesite. She's good too.


NOELIA said...


My hobbys are:
The lisent to music: I like the pop music.
Play the dog: I play the dog Maggi.
Read: I read the diferent books, now read the book of Luna nueva.
Go to the shoping: I like very much.
Walk: I walk with my mother. Theatre: In the theatre I am with my friend, my monitor is Cristina.

Noelia Jimenez Moreno2º ESO

Mónica said...

Hi! I'm Mónica Rico and I'm from Villanueva Mesía, Granada and I'm spanich. I study in the Cardenal Cisneros school. My birthday is the 1st of July. My hobbie is play the volleyball. I play in a equipment the Huetor Tajar with Marina, Carmen, Lidia, Dayanara, Irene, Jeni, Estefania... I like to make very exercise. I can speak Spanish, English and French. I like a dogs. I have two dogs, Kiko and Lisa.


Andrea said...

My hobbies are football and swmiming. From small me like play the football. In summer, i like to swim. Also I like playing volleyball. When small played all sports, handball, basketball ..

RaFa said...

This are my hobies

I play football and do cycling, bacause I like very much this sports.

I can play football in school , my street and y can do cycling in all places too.

I play football on weekends and I do cycling every days, and y do treking on weekends too.

I do treking with my family and my dogs Danco and Kira. We walk 3 kilometres aproximatelly.

I like play whith Xbox too.I play whith it 3 houres of the day.

This are my hobies. are interesting, isn't it?

Inma Alcaide said...

My name is Inma Alcaide and I am writing about my hobbies.

I have got a lot of hobbies, I like very very much have with my friends Rosa, Noe. M, Noe. J, Sonia, Rocio, and Celia.

I have got others hobbies. I like play the computer games, but I don't have time.
I like listening to music, and I listen to music in the night, before of sleep.

I like very very much too the swim, this is my realy hooby. I go to the swiming pool, in winter, two days in the week, the Wednesdays and Fridays and in the summer, I go to the swiming pool every days.

I like too watching TV, but I don't have time, too. [ =( ] , other of my hobbyes are, read, write ...

I like very much play with my dogs, Luna and Dama, too.

Now, I go to dance in Huetor Tajar with my friend Sonia and I like very much.
Other of my hobbyes are go to shooping.

I like go to shooping with my mother and if I have good asessment in the test.

And my other special hooby is the theatra. I like very very much the theatra. I learned theatra with my friends Noe, Rosa, Celia, María, María Jesús...and other friends, and my instructor Cristina.

This are my hoobyes.



Mariano Jeronimo said...

My name is Mariano Jeronimo Perez Sanjuan. Soy de Mesia Villanueva de Granada. I study in elementary school and secondary educion Cardinal Cisneros. I have twelve years old and my birthday is on September 27 and my favorite hobbies are:
Football: A game played in a rectangle with two goals and a ball. I like football because I like to run, shoot at goal and play games. Although sometimes you fall and hurt you.
Tennis: A game that is played on a rectangle with a network environment. Is to put the ball in the other camp.
Pim-pong is played on a table with a net in the middle and put the ball in the other camp.

Mariano Jeronimo Perez Sanjuan 1 º ESO

SONIA said...

I'm Sonia and I'm thirteen years old. I live in Villanueva Mesia, Granada.

My hobbies are:
- Dance: I like dance very much. I can dance at home, at school and in the class of dance. I dance each evening at home and on the Tuesday and on the thursday in class of dance.

- Play handball: In this sport you must touch and take the ball with the hands, and you mustn't touch and take the ball with the foots.

- Walk for the country: I like walk because it relax me.

- Cycling: In this activity you mustn't go to fast because you can fall and have an accident.

The hobbies of my friends:
- The of Rocío are: Swims, does the homeworks. She loves the horses.
- The of Noelia Moreno are: Dances, walks her dog (Manchita) and she loves the animals.
- The of Celia are: plays violin, swims and studies.
- The of Rosa are: plays the flute and walks.
- The of Inma are: The computers and the sports.
- The of Noelia Jimenez are: eats, goes to theater.

The hobbies of my family:
- The of my mother are: Cleans and watchs TV.
- The of my father are: The sports and watchs TV.
- The of my sister are: sleeps and go out.


NOELIA said...


My name is Noelia. I’m 13years old.
I like do many things.

My hobbies are:
-Dance: I like dancing very much. Is very exciting. I can dance in my house, in the school, in the disco or with my friends.
We pass many time dancing.

-Other hobby is eat a sandwich, in my house, the Wednesday and the Monday.

-Also I like walk my god Manchita: Manchita is very good, and walk every day in the park, in the street… Walk my dog is very beautiful, because I pass many time with it.

-Other thing that I like very much is sing and play volleyball.

In volley I am very bad, but I like very much in this sport you must touch the ball with the hands and never with the foots.

-I like P.E, but I don’t like French.
-I study, but I don’t like.
This is my hobbies.

My friends hobbies are:

*Sonia: dancing and singing.
*Rosa: walk her dog Tina.
*Rocío: dancing Funky.
*Noelia Jiménez: do theatre.
*Inma: dancing and do theatre.
*Celia: study and listen to pop music.

My family hobbies are:

*Mum: cooking and cleaning.
*Dad: eat cake and riding a motorbike.
*Sister: sing out with her boyfriend and watch TV.


ROCIO 2 ESO said...

My Hobbies.
My name is Rocío. I'am 13 years old.
My hobbies are:
-Walk with my friends. In this activity we must have be careful.
-Swim. In this sport is very important that you know how to swim.
-Dance. In this activity you must have coordination.
-The animales. I love the animals. The animal that I like most is the horse.
The hobbies of my friends are:
-Noe. Out walking his dog.
-Sonia. Dancing and singing.
-Rosa. The theater and swimming.
-Inma. The swimming.
-Celia. Painting, swimming and theater.

Ana said...

Things that I do in my free time

Hello! My name is Ana and I´m from Vva. Mesía a village of the city of Granada. This city is in Spain.

Now I´m going to speak you about all of my hobbies.
I´ve got lots of hobbies, but my favourite hobbies are the drama and the sports.
I do drama at the theatre of my village. There I do drama with my friends and we learn very much. Our teacher`s name is Cristina.
We usually do two theatrical performances to year, but this year we are going to do three, because the mayor said that we did a theatrical performance to help Haití.

Other of my hobbies are the sports.
My favourite sport is the volleiball. I practise volleiball in the sports centre of Vva. Mesia.
My friend and me are learn to play volleiball, and we are learning very well.
We play volleiball`s matchs in Saturdays.
I like football too, but I hate the rugby.

I like very much listenins to music too. My favourite singers are: Alejandro Sanz, Leona Lewis, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Malú, but I like other singers too.

Well, this are my principal hobbies but I´ve got more, for example I like walk with my dog and watch TV.

I hope that we are agree on some hobbies.

Good bye!

Ana Mª Peinado Valenzuela. 1º ESO

Celia said...

Hi! I am Celia. I will speak about my hobbies and my friends' hobbies.
My hobbies are play the violin, the theatre, walk with my dog, listen to music, the swimming and the dance.
I play the violin every days of week in my house and every mondays I go to Illora. In Illora I have class of violin.
The theatre for me is special. Because when I am in the stage I am happy. I have class of theatre every fridays in Villanueva.
I like very much walk on the land with my dog Tona. She is very mischievous.
My other hobbie is listent to music. I have a radio and a MP4 with my favourit music. I haven't got a favouryt singer. I like every types of music. I listen to music every days.
I like very much the swimming. I go every fridays at the swimming pool in Huéror Tájar. I swim with Inma, her brother Grego and with my brother.
My finish hobbie is the dance. I will have class of dance in Villanueva with my friends. Sonia and Inma go at Huétor Tájar two days at week for have class of dance.
My friends' hobbies are.
*Sonia: dance and study.
*Rocío: dance and listen to music.
*Rosa: play the voleyball and the theatre.
*Noelia M: listen to music and play the computer.
*Inma: dance and play the computer.
*Noelia J: the theatre.

Celia Gómez Gordo. 2º ESO.

Rosa said...


I'm Rosa and my hobbies are:

* Sport; I can play volleiball, I play volleiball the mondays and the wednesdays, and I go to play the saturdays to the different places. I play volleibal with my friends: Anamary, Irene A. Irene N, Maria S., Maria R. Maria Jesus and Isa.
I can't play football, but I can swim!!! I like walk, too.

* Theatre; I like the theatre very much!! I laughed a lot at the theatre with my friends!! I go to the theatre the fridays.

* Dance and music: I like the dance and music very much, but I can't dance.

* Read: I like read!! My favorite authors are: Stephany Meyer and Bram Stoker, but I like a lot of more.

These are my hobbies!!


maria said...


Hi! Iam María Rico Pulido. Iam Spanish. I'm from Villanueva Mesia. Iam twelve years old. I've got a lot of hobbies, but my favourite hobby is the theatre. I like to perform. It's very fun. My teacher of theatre is Cristina, she is very important for me because she teaches me. In the theatre you can make a lot of friends.
My favourite sports is the volleyball but I like a swimming too.
In volleyball my time is Ana, María.S, Irene.N, Irene.A, María Jesús, Isabel and Rosa, are very goods. My coach is Vaquero.
In swimming my coach is Eva but in summer is Mª Jesús. Is very fun, because I like to practise sports.
My favourite subject is English because is very important fot my.
I like to go niking with my mother and the whole village. We do excursions for to see new places.
I like to go at the country.
I like read too, books of actions, suspense and love. Are very beautifull.
I like babies and to look ofther of their, because they are very unfriendlies.

María Rico Pulido 1º ESO

Diana said...

HELLO ! ! !
These are my hobbies:
I like playing football, Basketball, volleyball and other games.
I also like bike riding, playing with the Nintendo with my brother and my cousins.
I like listen to music and dance.
Finally I like swimming.


eulogio said...

My hobbys

I play football and do cycling, bacause I like very much this sports.

I can play football in school , my street and y can do cycling in all places too.

I'm from Villanueva Mesía and I'm student in Cardenal Cisneros Secundary School.

zoiLiitaa said...

My hobbys are:

Swimming I love swimming!.

I like paly football but I cant play football because condition fisica.

I like listen to musis: I like every music.

I love shopiing.!


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