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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My meals

Write a composition with a paragraph for each meal.

Use adverbs of frecuency, tell your likes and dislikes, about you and your family, friends, etc...

Remember. You must do this task until 12th March!
Required for 1st ESO.
Recommended for 2nd ESO.


maria said...

My meals

I'm Maria from Spain. From Mondays to Fridays I have breakfats at half pasta seven. In the morning I usually have a cup of milk with Nesquik for breakfast.
In weekends I have a special breakfats: toast with butter and a cup of orange juice.

At school, I have elevenses at eleven o'clock, I usually have a piece of fruit, a sandwich...
My favourites fruits are: bananas and apples, and my favourite sandwich is of spicy sausage.

I have lunch at school at half past to. We always have vegetables, meat, fish... and fruit or yogurht for dessert. It is a mediterranean diet.
My favourite lunch is ''Migas'' with oranges, melon... It's delicious!; but I only have it in the weekends.

At six o'clock is a time of tea. My favourite tea is cereal with milk.

In the evening I have dinner with my family.
We usually have a fast dinner: salad, soup...
And I go to bed at eleven o'clock.

María Rico PUlido 1º ESO

alberto bermudez lopez said...

I`m Alberto from Spain. I have breakfast at half past seven. I usually have milk cereals with toast, but.I sometimes have toast and orange juice.

I usually have elevenses at school roll the cured ham.

I have lunch (migas), fish, meat and vegetable. I don´t sole.

I have dinner milk, biscuit and yoghurt

MiNeRvA said...


I'm Minerva from Spain. I have breakfast at half past seven. I always have milk with biscuit but I sometimes have milk with ¨churros¨ of Saturdays. My favorite breakfast is milk with ¨churros¨.

I have ¨elevenses¨ at school. I have sandwich and orange juice.

I don't have lunch at school. I have lunch at home. My favorite lunck is eggs with chips.

I have dinner at half past nine with my family. We often have soup. My favorite dinner is pizza.


lucía said...


Hi! I'm Lucía from Spain. I live in Villanueva Mesía, a little village of Granada.

My favourite food is chips with fried chicken, and my favourite drink is coke.

From Monday to Friday, I get up at five past seven, in the morning, because I go to school.
Then I get dressed.

At ten past seven, I usually have breakfast, milk with cereals. But at weekends, I have "churros" with a cup of hot chocolate.

After breakfast, I go to school with my friends Irene, Rosa and Virginia, at twenty-five to eight. But Saturday and Sunday, I don't go to school.

I have elevenses at eleven o'clock, usually biscuits with orange-juice.

I finish school at half past fourteen.

I have lunch in my house at quarter to three. I always have bread and orange-juice, and sometimes vegetables and fried chicken.

Then I do my homework and study.

At five o'clock I go to play football with my friends. But Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go to coach at seven o'clock.

I have a shower at half past eight.

Then I have dinner, usually biscuits with milk.

I go to bed at half past ten.


Mariano Jeronimo said...

I`m Mariano Jerónimo Sanjuán Pérez i am from Spain in Villanueva Mesia(Granada). I have breakfas at holf past seven. I usually have milk with toast and orange juice.
I elevenses have sandwiches and juice.
I have lunch at home, i always have water mineral ando bread and we often have vegetables and meat.
I have tea time sandwiches and milk.
I have dinner with my family. We usually is water mineral, salad,yoghurt and fruit.

irene said...

I'am Irene .

*Breakfas: at half past seven . I usually have milk with cereal , I never have coffee because I don't like coffee .
*Elevenses: at eleven o'clock , I usually have roll and milksnake.
*Lunch: at quarter to three school with my brother and my friends.
*Afternoom snack:at half past five,I usually roll and biscuit in my home.
*Dinner:at half past nine. I usually have soup with my family .I don't like salad .


carmen said...

Hi.My name is carmen
I hare breakfast in house , i have toas or cereal...
but saturday and sunday i have church or orange juice.
I are lunch at eleven o'clok in the achool, i have sanwitch

And letter dinning room at two half past

I dinning at house at nine o'clok

lorena said...

I, m from Villanueva Mesía .I have the breakfast at a guartes ofter seven.
I sometines heve milk or as like one but.But in my tradicional food that they are in the habit of being the weekengs as i almost never drink torch.

I have lunch shool.Lunch fruit:apples , orange....
In the food what is of the two each day
an food different:spaghetti, chick-pea , potatos , fillet and some but what in food .
In the dinner land eat food easy:
soup, omelet and in food.It's delicious


Maria Jesús Bermudez Rico said...

My meals

I'm María Jesús from Villanueva Mesís in Granada. I have breakfast at half past seven. I usually have milk with "colacao" and toast or cereal, but on Saturdays and Sundays I have milk with "churros". I don't have tea, because I don't like tea.
Also often I have coffe in the morning.

I have lunch at home. I am in the habit of have a soup of chiken with potatoes, crumbs, pasta, purée... and most foods.
But this they are those that more I like.

In the evening I am in the habit of luching and sandwich of chocolate with oil and juice of peach.

I have dinner with my family. We usually have soup, fish, salad...
And I go to bed at half past ten.


&V@N 9 said...


I'm Ivan from Spain. I have breakfast at half past seven in my house. I usually have juice witch toast but I sometimes have traditonal spanish breakfast ``hoyillo de aceite´´. I vever have milkshake because i don´t like milkshake.

I have lunch in my house, I have crubs with fruit. In the night. I have dinner in my house witch my family.

I have dinner at half past nine.
I have biscuit with milk.
It´s delicious¡

Ana said...

Food and drink that I have

Hello! My name is Ana and I'm from Vva. Mesia in Spain. I'm goging to tell you about the meals that I have every day.

In the morning, from Monday to Friday, I have breakfast at half past seven. The food and drink that I have in the mornin are: milk with biscuits or with toast.
Sometimes I have cereal with milk too.
In the weekends I have my breakfast later, at ten o'clock.
At school I have elevenses, at eleven o'clock. I have a piece of fruit, or some biscuits. In teh weekends I haven't elevenses because I get up later.

I go back home at half past two, but I have lunch at ten to three.
For lunch I have diferents tipes of food, for example, one day I have soup but other day I have fish with vegetables.
For the desserts I have fruit or yoghurt, but sometimes I have a special dessert, for example a cake.
My favourite plate of food is spaguetti, but I hate the duck.

At five o'clock I have a snack. I like very much teh chocolate.

I have dinner at half past eight or nine o'clock. Sometimes I have soup, nice with milk, fish, or vegetables. My dinner usually is light because if I eat very much I sleep wrong.


Ana Mª Peinado Valenzuela. 1º ESO

Isabel said...

My Meals

I'm Isabel from Villanueva Mesía. I have breakfast at half past seven. I usually have milk.

I have elevenses at eleven o' clock.

I have lunch at half past two. I usually have rice, fried chicken, fish bread etc.

In the afternoon I have tea time at five o'clock. I have cookies, cake etc.

I have dinner at nine o'clock. I have fish, soup etc. It's delicious!

My favorite food are, rice, pasta, ham, cheese, fried potatoes etc.

I don't like stew, broccoli, cabbage, celery etc.


Beatriz said...

My meals

I'm Beatriz from Spain. I have breakfast at half past seven. I always have milk and toast but I sometimes have orange juice with cake. I never have tea because I don't like tea.

I have elevenses at eleven o'clock in the school. I have a sandwith every day but I never have a cake.

I don't have lunch at school. I have lunch at home. I usually have a hot food but I seldom have a cold food. My favorites foods are 'migas' and salad. I hate mushrooms.

I have a orange juice for tea time. I frequently have a sandwich for tea time.

For dinner, I often have fish, meat and 'barbacoa'. I love meat. My mothwe always have salad for dinner.

On weekends I have breakfast, elevenses, lunch and dinner in my grandparent's house.


NOELIA said...

In my house I eat varied foods in the dinner:
I eat a lot of type of meals: stew, salad, soup, hamburgers, fish, pizza…
My favourites foods is macaroni, spaguetti and noodle.
I drink Coke, (mu favourite drink), orange juice, water…
The dinner is sometimes in my house.
my parent’s, my sister and me and .
We eat and drink very much. Too we speak very much.
Frecuently, in the dinner I eat soup and pizza (I love pizza), hamburgers and sandwiches.
After dinner, I drink a glass of milk or a glass of juice.
I breakfast in my house with my mother , a glass of milk with cereals or a toast.
A typical food in my village is deep-fried with chocolate.
I don't like the vegetables.
I don't like many fruits only I like: bananas, apples, strawberries and oranges.
I don't like bread, only I like in the sandwiches.
Noelia Moreno Moreno 2º ESO

Manuel Aguilera Ortíz said...


I`m Manuel from spain.I have breakfast at seven o´clock.I always have milk and fairy cake,but I sometimes have the tradicionalspanish breakfast of bread wiht oil.

I never have chikpea.I have lunch at home.We always have bread and milk,we often have dinner wiht family.We usually have croquet and fish.

Manuel Aguilera Ortiz 1º ESO

Irenilla said...


Hello! I'm Irene and these are my foods:

- In the morning, I have breakfast, at quarter past seven.
I have only a glass of milk, but seldom I have biscuits.

-At eleven o'clock, at school, I have " elevenses", sandwich with a juice, usually of pineapple.

- After school, at half past two, I have lunch at home.
I have differents foods: rice, soup, chips and eggs, meat and purée... but always with a orange juice.
My favourite foods are " crumbs".
Other delicious food is spaghetti with meat and fried tomatoes.
I don't like vegetables, well, but I like some.

- At tea time, four o'clock or five o'clock, I have cereal with milk or toast with oil and milk.

- At nine o'clock, I have dinner.
I have soup, cheese... and most meals that are light to sleep and I
feel bad.

- At weekend vary my meals.
I often get up at ten o'clock.
I have breakfast at half past ten.
I have toast with butter and milck.
At two o'clock, I have lunch.
I often eat fried chicken with chips.
And for finish, at night I have pizza, hamburgers, and most fast foods with Nestea or Fanta.

Irene Navas Guerrero 1º ESO

Alejandro said...


I am Alejandro and I'm Spanish. I have breakfast at half past seven. I usually have orange juice with toast, but I ocasionally have a packet of "Kinder Chocolate". I never have tea or coffee.

In the elevenses I have a snack, at

I have lunch at home, at half past two. Each day I have a different meal: pasta, fish, chips, eggs, meat, crumbs...

In the afternoon, from half past four to six o'clock I have chocolate, cake or sandwich with juice.

I have supper at half past nine. I have cheese, ham, sausage... with a salad.

In the weekend my meals are very different.

My favourites meals are chips with eggs and pasta.

Alejandro Márquez Pérez 1ESO

Sergillo said...

I'm Sergio from Granada in Spain. The day of school, I have breakfastat half past seven. I always have milk with "cola-cao".
In the elevenses have a roll. I have lunch at my home, each day eat a food different.
For picnic I eat something with chocolate. ¡ I love chocolate !
I have dinner frequently a Spanish sausages. I have dinner with my family.
The weekend, on Saturdays have breakfast"churros" and milk with "cola-cao".
I have lunch a roast chicken wwith chips.
I never picnic on weekend. I have dinner usually a baguette.
The sunday, for have breakfast three toast and milk with "cola-cao".
I have lunch a rice.
I have dinner a Spanish sausages.

Sergio Muñoz Cobos 1º ESO

eulogio said...

I, m Eulogio from Villanueva Mesía.
I have breakfast at half past seven.I usually have toast.The tradicional of villanueva mesía is the crumbs.I never have milk.
I don't have lunch at home.I don't have at the school.We always have bocat and orage juice.I have dinner with my family.


Diana said...

My name is Diana I'm from in Villanueva Mesía.
My perfect meals is dinner, because cookes my mother and I like what she cookes.
My mother cookes me lentils( I love lentils).
This is orange juice to drink.

In the weeked I eat pizza with my family.


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