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Go to the edge, he said.
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Thursday, 1 December 2011

A country

Writes about a country you like.
You have to do until 9 December.


María Rico Carrascosa said...


Puerto Rico is an island situaded on the east the República Dominicana.
The population is aproximately 3.400.000 habitants and the capital city is San Juan.
Other important citties are Bayamón, Carolina, Ponce etc...
The recurs economics the Puerto Rico the Puerto Rico are bananas, coffe, oranges, and produces tobacco and milk.
Another important industry is tourism.
The Puerto Rico people speak Spanish and English. The currency is the dolar.
And his religions is Catolic.
The Puerto Rico flag is red, white and blue, and there is a start.
I want go to the Puerto Rico.

María Rico Carrascosa 2º ESO.

Victor Alcaraz said...

Holland is a country that is west of the Netherlands.
It has a population of a 6 million aproximately.
The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdan, its 750,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area and aproximately 1,5 million residents.
Its currency is the euro, the anthem is called "Wilhelmus" and its flag is red, white and blue.

Antonio said...


United States of Américais a federal republic of fifty states. Most of the country is located in central North America where is a forty-eight states. It is among the Pacifyc Ocean and the Atlantic, bordered by Canada to the North and México to the South.
With 9.830.000 million km/2 and more than 308.000.000 millions inhabitans, is the third largest by land area both as population. It is the largest national economy in the world with a GDP estimated at 14.300.000 billion is considered the mosth developed country in the world and a global economy example.

Antonio Gámiz Delgado 2ºESO

Iván said...


Brazil is the largest most populous nation in South America. In Brazil there are approximately 190.750.000 in habitants and the capital of Brazil is Brasilia.
It has a population of 2.532.863 in habitants. Other important cities are Sao Paulo is the most populous. The official language is Portuguese. Brazil's flag is green, yellow and blue. Tourism in Brazil is an inportant economic activity in various regions of the country. The Brazil football team has won 5 world titles.

Rocío Moraga Sanchez said...


I like Italy a lot.
The capital city of Italy is Rome.
Italy has a population of 58.403.321 people.
The Italy flag is green,whait and red.
The national anthem of Italy is Fratelli d´Italia.
The tipical Italian foods are the pizza,the pasta and the wine.
The art is very important in Italy.
There are a lot of famous artist in Italy like Rafael or Leonardo da Vinci.
Italian tourismis very important.
Italianpeople speak Italiam,Frends and German.
Rocío Moraga Sánchez 2º Eso

Ángela said...

Suiza is a londlocked country located in central Europe with a population of aproximately 8 million.
It has 26 states, called contouring. The curency in the dollar. Suiza limits to north west Germany, with France and Italy to the south.
Has organizations that help the needy: The Cruz Roja.
It was created on August 1 the 1291. The culture of Suiza is the geographical architecture with four lenguages. One on the Suiza musical groups are like Zuri West, very popular in Suiza. The capital of Suiza is Berna.
One of the festivals celebrated in Suiza is the Advert. A typical meals are the salad Suiza, the belchamel souse and egg bread. The flag is red with a cross in the middle. The mountain is important this south and north the Alpes.

Ángela Uclés Luque. 2ºESO

Anonymous said...


The president of Andalusíe is José Antonio Griñán.
Andalusíe is an autonomous community of Spain. It comprises the provinces of Almeria, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva,Jaén, Málaga and Sevilla.
The religion more popular is cristianity.
It is the most populated autonomous community of Spain, 8.415.490 people, and has an area of 87.597 km/2. The capital of Andalusíe is Seilla.
To the east and west borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Antlantic Ocean. Its climate is Mediterranean.
Andalusíe Say is celebrated on February 28. The highest peak is the Mulhacen and is in Sierra Nevada.
Andalusíe has a rich gastronomy. The ,pst typical is the olive oil, muts, fish and meats, and the most typical Christmas sweets: the ice-cream, shotbread and alfajores.
In the monuments of Andalusíe highlights the Alhambra. The Alhambra is an Andalusian palace city located in Granada, Spain. Tis is a palace fotress complex rich.
The craftsmanship is to develop product to use hand. The flag os Andalusíe is green, white and green.

MªJosé Gámiz 2ºESO

aegordovva@gmail.com said...


Sweden, oficially the kingdon of Seweden is a Scandinavian country in northen Europe as part of the European Union(UE). It limist the north with Norway and Finland, east to Finland, and tehe Golf of Botnia Sea and the west by North Sea ans Norway. It has land boarders with Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark by the oRESUND Bidge. Its largest city is Stockolm, which is alse its capital. In 2012, it had a toal population of jus over nine million people. I t has a population density of only 22h/km. Lan been a major exproter of iron, copper, and wod. The color of the flag is yelow and blue. The background is blue and has a yellow cross.


Yisela said...

India is a country. Is situated of south of Asia. Around India are the Arabico sea ant the Indico Ocean. The borders are Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bután, Birmania and Bengla Desh.
India has a surface of 1.241.492.000 square kilometres. It capital is New Delhi. India has twenty seven autonomus comunities. It flag is orange, white and green. India has a population of 17093600 people.
The Indian people speak English and Hindu. The population work, mainly in the farming. Produces rice, wheat, maize, bananas, tobbaco, cotton, coal, iron and oil.
Its monuments more importants are the gold temple and the king Humayun's grave.
The people wearing "siris" a tipycal clothe.
The Indian money is the "Ruphia". The president of India is Patriba Patil. The religion is Hinduism.

Sebastián Gordo Fuentes said...

Portugal is a country situated is southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is formed by a continental territory (91951 km2) placed in Europa´s southwest and ocupying most of the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula and two archipelagos placed in the Atlantic ocean: Madeira and Azores with a total of 440 km2 of maritime zone. Portugal has aproximately 10 millions of habitants. The official language of Portugal is the Portuguese, one of the world and of the medieval Europe at par of the provenzal, being his writing influenced by the latter. Lisbon (near 500000 habitants -3 millions of habitants in the region of Lisbon) is the capital from the 12th century, the biggest city of the country, the principal economic center, keeping the principal maritime port and airport Portuguese, is the richest city of Portugal with a GPD per capita superior to the average of the Europe Union.

Pablo said...

I chose the country is the United Kingdom. The UK is made up of: Scotland, Wales, England and Northerm Ireland. The capital is London. The UK has a temperate climate and maritime climate with abundant rainfall trought the year. There are several ecosystems as temperate forest, swamps, marches, ect. The automotive industry is an important economic sector. The currency is the pound. Television is the primary means of communication in the UK. The UK has no official language, but the most predominant is English. The main cities are London, Birmminghan, Glasgow... Sport is an important culture in yhe United Kingdon, the main sports are rugby, football, baseball... The flag is blue, red an white.

cristina sanchez said...


My country is Greece. Greece is between Italy and Turkey.its capital is Athens.
Quizás quisiste decir: Grecia esta entre italia y turquia.
The population there is approximately 11,319,048. Major cities are Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patras and Heraklion.
Greece's flag is blue and white stripes and a cross on the top right.

yasmina said...

a country
I will talk about Morocco, my country.
Morocco is a country located in North Africa. With coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea Mediterráneo.Se is separated from Europe by the Straits of GibraltarSus neighboring countries are: Algeria to northern Spain estepor, who maintains strong commercial ties and share maritime and land borders both.
Morocco's flag is red and a star in the middle of green.
The typical food of Morocco is the kouskous and many foreigners who are going to love the kouskous Morocco but here see it as weird because like almost no one will see Morocco after our strange habits as well as others, but I'm pleased to be Moroccan and to have these habits so nice but I like learning about other customs and travel to other countries.

Yasmina Bouhnouf

Javier said...

France is a country that is above Spain. It has got the famous mountains of the Alps. Its capital is Paris where is also the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum. Other important cities include Strasbourg, Versailles and Bordeaux. The most typical food is "Quiche Lorraine" located in Lorraine and are famous its cheeses.

Unknown said...

This country is located between North and South America. It is a sunny country. The typical meal there are tacos and burritos spicy Mexican. Most people visit for good weather that makes the extraordinary and food there.


Pedro said...

Ha sido el hogar de muchas culturas europeas como los etruscos y los romanos y también fue la cuna del Renacimiento, que comenzó en la región de Toscana y pronto se extendió por toda Europa. La capital de Italia, Roma, ha sido durante siglos el centro político y cultural de la civilización occidental, y también es la ciudad santa para la Iglesia católica, pues dentro de la ciudad se encuentra el microestado del Vaticano. El significado cultural del país se refleja en todos sus Patrimonios de la Humanidad, ya que tiene cuarenta y siete, el país con mayor número del mundo.2
Es el tercer país de la Unión Europea que más turistas recibe por año, siendo Roma la tercera ciudad más visitada.3 Otras ciudades importantes son Milán, centro de finanzas y de industria, y, según el Global Language Monitor, la capital de la Moda,4 Nápoles y Turín,

Pedro Jesús Jiménez Gómez 1ºEso

Carolina Gámez said...

Argentina is a country. Argentina is a sovereign condition, this one divided in 23 provinces. Is has approximattely 40 million the habitants.
His extension it is 2.780.400km2.
It is the sixth country much big of the word.
His cairwoman is Cristina Fernandez and his vice-president is Julio Cleto Cobos.
The Argentine culture is marked by the character and multicultural of his population.
There the colege is obligatory from 5 years to the 18 years.
His better museum are: The Historical Nation Museum of Argentina and the Malba.
His religion is catholic, and his lenguage is the Spanish throug, also the Italiand and the Quechuan speak.
The tango is one of the dances much famous in Argentine.

miguel angel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
miguel angel said...


Australia is a country in Oceania. Occupies the main landmass called Sahul, as well as some islands in Pacific, Indian and Antartic. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with an area of 7.686.850 km2. Its capital,Canberra, is located in Australia work capital territory. The country's populetion was about 20.6 million inhabitan. The flag is red, blue and white. In Australia, kangaroos are released by their dry prairies. Its fauna is limited to kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles and many insects.

jesus garcia ortega said...

Spain is a country and its capital is Madrid.
Spain is great but not Russia. its capital is well known.
Spanish we use the euro currency.

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