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“Go to the edge, he said.

We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Monday, 21 November 2011

At the weekend

Describe your typical weekend.
You can do until 9 December.


Pedro said...

At The Wekeend

Hello Teacher. My name is Pedro. On saturday morming, I, usually do homeworks in my roo,. I also play computer games. In affternoon, I usually meet friends and talk on the phone. In the evenig I watch TV.

On sunday morming, I usually play football. I also watch TV. In the affternoon chat on the internet. I also read magazines and listen to music. In the evening I play computer games and I chat on the internet.

Pedro Jesús Jiménez Gómez 1º

Javier said...

A typical Saturday

Hi! My name is Javier. On Saturday morning, I usually play padel with friends. Later, I go ride a bike. In the afternoon, do my homework. I meet friends later and also go to the park. In the evening, I chat on Internet with friends and watch TV.

Javier Palma Ayllón 1º de E.S.O

Ana Belén said...

My typical weekend.
Hi!On Saturday morning,I usually watch TV,I listen to dance music on my computer games. In the afternoon,I talk on the phone and I go to the cinema. In the everning,I also reas a book.

On Sunday morning,I listen to music and I read magazines.In the afternoon,I watch TV and I play computer games.In the everning,I watch DvDs at home.

Emilio José Cebrián Argüelles said...

Hi! My name is Emilio. I usually play football in the morning. I also meet friend. In the afternoon, i usually chat on the internet. I also do my homework. In the evening, watch tv. I also 12 play computer games my favourites games is Fifa 12 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Emilio José Cebrián Argüelles. 1ºESO.

Unknown said...


Hello! My name´s Andrea. On Saturday
morning, i watch tv. In the afternoon,i chat with friends on the internet. In the night, i read magazines.

On Sunday morning, i go to my grandparents´ house. In the afternoon, i meet friends. In the night, i listen to music.

Andrea Oviedo Chilavert 1ESO.

Unknown said...

¡Hi! My name's Alba. I usually watch TV in the morning. I also play computer games. In the afternoon, i usually go to meet friends. In the evening, i chat with friends on the internet.
Alba María Guerrero Sánchez.

jessica said...


Hello name is Jessica saturday morming ,I usually read magazines in my room .I also araw pictures In the .alternoon .I meet friends .We aften go to the cinema In the ewening I watch DVD at home I always chat with friends .on the Internet . Bye for now¡

Nerea said...


Hi,on saturday morning,iusually watcht tv.In the afternoon,i meet friends.We usually talk on the phone,in the evenin,i watch DVD at home.
On sandey morning,i lisent to music.in the afternoon,i gousually red a book.In the evening.I go to bed very early.

yasmina said...

the weekend
On the weekends I'm almost always in Granada, or sometimes I stay with my friend in Malaga (Estepona) and we always go to the beach or are in a bar and there are games here are many English and we always ask me and I try my friend away because I do not understand anything and soften up very quickly. On weekends I go flying.

Ana Maria Camacho Guerrero said...


Hi! My name is Ana María. I usually do my homeworks on Saturday morning. I also wacth TV. I often meet friends in the afternoon, also listen to music. I sometimes chat on the Internet with my friends. On Saturday evening I see TV and I have food.
Bye for now!!

Rocío Moraga Sanchez said...


On the weekend do a thousand things.
I watch th television.I take the computer or do homework.
When good time, i go out with my family.
Then,I chat on internet with a or friends.
I have so much fun on the weekend.

Yisela said...

Hi!. I´m Yisela. For me the weekend is fantastic. I go to the house of my granny and I talk with her very much. More later, I go back my house and I eat chiken... is delicius!. Then, I watch television or I watch a film in my computer. Some saturdays, I go to the cinema for watch a film with my cousin or my parents. I like very much go to Loja. In Loja I watch my unle,my aunt and my cousin.
The sundays, I don´t get up early. Then I take my bike and I go to walk with my dady. More later I do mu homework and for dinner I eat a delicius pizza or hamburguer!
I love weekends.

María Rico Carrascosa said...

Hi!. I´m María. For me the weekend is fantastic. Some days I go to the cinema. More later, I go back my house and I watn TV, I talk with my friends... Then, I read a book of terror or I play tennis. Some saturdays, I go to the house of my uncle and my aunt. I like very much.
The sundays, I get up about 10 o´clock. Then I ride a bike with my brothers.
I have so much fun on the weekend

Cristina Sánchez said...

The weekend.
At the weekend I do many things but that most is sleeping ago.
But I also play boi, walking and more.
The best of the weekend is no school and not have to do much homework. So I like much.

miguel angel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
miguel angel said...

On weekends I do many things:
-Play with my friends on the street.
-Play with your computer.
Montefrio I'm going to see my grandparents and my aunts and uncles.
In Montefrio game with many people from there. On summer weekends you go to my pool and I swim with my family.

jesus garcia ortega said...

Saturdays in the morning go to the park to play with my friends. always we play football until we get bored. Sunday go to field to eat and spend the afternoon.

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