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We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My favourite restaurant

Write a text about your favourite restaurant.
You can do until 15 June.


Ana Belén said...
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Ana Belén said...

My favourite restaurant
My favourite restaurant is in Huetor Tajar and in Loja, in Spain. It`s called Atracón Express. My family and I go usually on the weekends. We usually go to Atracón of Huetor Tajar, because it is closer to our hose.
In the Atracón Express the people prefere pizzas. You can call up by phone and order a pizzas to take home. They also have other diferent dishes, my favourite is the greek salad.
There are some great desserts at Atracón`s. My favourite is custard. I usually have some! My parents usually share some chocolate cake.

Ana Belén Peregrina Arco 1ºESO

Javier said...

My favourite restaurant
My favourite restaurant is Camilo's. It is in Villanueva Mesía, Granada. I often go to it with my friends but sometimes I go with my family too. It serves pizza and other foods like kebab, fried fish, sandwiches or baguettes. You can have coffee in the afternoon or after lunch too.
I usually eat kebab and baguette for dinner at the weekend. But, when I go with my family, I eat fried fish. My favourite fried fish is rosada.

Inés said...

I have no favorite restaurant. But still if there is one that catches my attention, The Diegos. I like the customer service they have and the estupendisimas serving tapas when you order a drink. My favorite food is macaroni carbonara and Los Diegos make very good I love macaroni there! Besides the sandwiches they make are very good and very cheap. In the bar there is also a hall for weddings, communions, baptisms ... There is usually a lot of people and that is a sign that everything they serve there this best. In summer, set up tables on the street for people to dine chilly especially at night because the morning and at noon it's hot. I hope you never close the bar.

Inés Leyva Gordo 2ºESO

Rocío Moraga Sanchez said...


Mi restaurante favorito se encuentra en huetor Tajar (Granada).
El restaurante es muy bonito y sus pizzas estan muy buenas y grandes.
Toda la comida esta buena, hacen hamburguesas, patas,sanwisches, pastas, carnes...
Cuando voy con mi familia solemos pedir una pizza de salsa barbacoa y unos refrescos.
Cuando no nos apetece salir llamamos por telefono y nos traen la comida.

Ana Maria Camacho Guerrero said...


My faavourite restaurant is called Burger King. It's in Granada, Spain. I sometimes go there with my parent.
The Burger King is my favourite restaurant, because it's great food and also serves other dishes, like salad, chicken and different types of hamburgers, like with cheese, of chicken, of fish or complete.
For drink there are cola, juice, smoothies or ice cream. The desserts it's smoothies also or yoghurt. I don't never have dessert. I'm always very full!!

Cristina Sánchez said...

my favorite restaurant
My favorite restaurant is a well known and is on all sides of the country and called magdonal
There are mainly ambuerguesas, potatoes ...
tambén no ice cream, soft drinks and coffee etc
and is very cool.

Cristina Sánchez

Ángela said...

My favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant is the Giratorio Manzanil Granada.
It is far from Villanueva Mesia, but eats very well and the good thing about is that it has very nice views.
From there you can see our beautiful mountains, the Alhambra and many beautiful things you have Granada.
What I like about here are the cannelloni they do.
The restaurant is very nice, and nicely decorated, I love it!
That is not the only thing I like, because there are also some very good restaurants such as Atracón eating ...

Unknown said...

My favorite restaurant is called the Cross is a nice big restaurant. Is Moraleda. The typical food of this bar are the pizzas but also fish, meat ... It has a terrace where there are swings and a mattress.
Lidia Gámez Liñán.

Nerea said...


My favourite restaurant is called atracón.It´s in Huetor Tajar.Atracón is famous for its hamburguers and pizza.My favourite food is pizza barbacue and my mother likes pizza diavola me that i do not like very itchy and dessert that i like are the custard, rice pudding and chocolate cake is very good to my family like more the rice pudding especially my grandmother


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