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“Go to the edge, he said.

We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Friday, 27 April 2012

My home

Write a text about your house in comment.

You can write it until 11th May.


Javier said...
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Javier said...

I live in a house in Villanueva Mesía, Granada. I live with my parents and my sister. Our house has three bedrooms, each sleep and there is living room where pass the day. There are two bathrooms and a shower in one. We have a kitchen that is combined with the dining room. The patio is next to the kitchen and the garage is lower of the house. In the garage, we save the cars and save things that not used. In my bedroom, I have a desk to study and do homework to part I have a bed for sleep. Some people say that my house is big, but I think it is normallly.

Javier Palma Ayllón 1 º ESO

Ana Belén said...
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Ana Belén said...

My home.
We have a big house with two floors. We use the ground floor as garage and the first floor as housing. In the front part we have a very big balcony and in the back part an enormous terrace. Just when you come in from the street door you will see the stairs going up to the first floor and when you arrive there is a second door of main entrance. If you are inside you see on the right hand side our Kitchen and on the left are the living room. If you go forward the next door on the right is our parents bethroom, they have also a second bathroom. In front of our parents bethroom is my sister and my bethroom. In front of the main entrance is our main bathroom and on the left is our office there is where my sister and I make our home work. All rooms looking to the front has exit to the balcony and all the rooms that looking to the backside has exit to terrace.
Ana Belén Peregrina Arco

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I live in a house in Granada, Villanueva Mesía. I live with my parents, my brother and my sister.

Our house has got three bedroms, my sister and I share a room. On the first floor has got a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. On the second floor has got also a bathroom.

There´s a patio behind the kitchen. Has got also a terrecy. In the ground floor has got a big garage.


Emilio José Cebrián Argüelles said...

My home hastwo floors. I live in Villanuva Mesía en Granada. I live with my sister, my mother and my mother´s boy friend. Our home has three bedrooms so we do not share my mother´s bedroom alone. Nex to my room to and a bathroom. Below is the kitchen and living room. I have a garageand a laundry. And in my bacyard I play football game and I tend the clothing.

Emilio José Cebrián Argüelles 1ºESO

Anonymous said...

My house has three bedrooms. The larger the bedroom of my mother and father, then the bedroom is my sister's medium and smaller Zoyla is mine. We have two bathrooms but there is only one shower. We have a kitchen, we also have a lounge and a garage where we put the car.
My house is very nice and cozy.
Lidia gámez Liñán.

Pedro said...

I live in a black of flats in Villanueva Mesía. I live with my parents and my sister and I don´t share room. That´s grea¡ My parents bedroom´s hasen´t got bathroom but there´s a bathroom for the whole family. Has also got a kitchen, a living room, a patio and a dining room but we eat in the living room. There isn´t garden. Our living room has also got a balcony

Pedro Jesús Jiménez Gómez 1º Eso

Ana Maria Camacho Guerrero said...


I live in a small housein Villanueva Mesia, Granada. I live with my mother, because my sister has got her own home and my father is working out.
In the ground floor of mu house are the garage, the patio and the storage room. There are stairs to climb and in the hall there is a little toilet. Then is the kitchen, with a small terrace, and the living room. The living room has also got the dining room. There is also a little balcony. To climb at the last floor, there is other stairs. Here, there are bedrooms, two big and one small, and one bathroom.
I love my home!!

Inés said...

My home there is eight rooms: There is a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, 3 bedroom, hall and a garage.
The kitchen is big. There is a fridge a cooker, a table, a four chairs and a cupboard. In the cupboard there is a glass, a plates, a spoon and a fork. The bathroom is white and blue, is small. There is a mirror on the cupboard. There is a towel and toilet. My bedroom is big. There is a picture a chelf, a toys and two beds, a tabled and red chirs and two lamps os colours. My brother bedroom is small. There is one bed, a chelf, a table, a computer, a lamp, a books and a chair. In the chelf there are a football ball and toys.My parents bedroom is big, There is one bed, a wardrove, a little mirror and a big mirror. There is a big picture on the bed and there is a bedside table. My hall ia long. There is a pictures and the plants. My living room is big, There is a two sofas, table, television, a six chairs, a cortins, a cushion and a cupboard. My garage is big. There is a table, a television, a play station two and the sport machine. I LOVE MY HOUSE ¡

Inés Leyva Gordo 2ºESO

Rocío Moraga Sanchez said...
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Rocío Moraga Sanchez said...


My home has two floors. On the first floor is the garaje a bathroom and a garden where I have two turtles.
On the second floor are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom ,living room and terrace.
My room is large mu has two beds where my grandmother and I sleep.
The kitchen has a big table with six chairs.
The bathroom is beautiful has a big mirror.
The room my brother is the small but there is the computer.
My parents bedroom is big, There is one bed and a beautiful picture.
For me my home is the most beautiful.

Ángela said...

My house

Hello! My name is Angela and I have 14 years, I live in Villanueva Mesia, and go to school Cardinal Cisneros.
I live very near the school, my house has white walls with a socket brown.
My house has many rooms, two bathrooms, four bedrooms, two lounges, kitchen and dining.
It has two floors, a patio and a terrace.
My house is normal, neither too big nor too small.
My house has no garage has a door and five windows.
One of the windows is that of my room, my room has two beds and a table to study.
This is my home, and I love it!

Ángela Uclés Luque 2ºESO

cristina Sanchez said...

my house
Hello my name is cristina villanueva'm living on the street and number 14 scandal.
My house has two floors I live in the top and my cousin abaj.
The facade is white and has twenty steps and is biutifuld.

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