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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My favourite restaurant

Write a text about your favourite restaurant.


antonio said...

Mi restaurante favorito es camilo que esta en villanueva mesia. Los sabados suelo comprarme un quebat con patatas.
Es muy conocido por sus pizza y esas cosas. A mi familia le gusta las raciones de pescado frito. y mi postre favorito es las fresas con nata

claudia said...

My favorite restaurants are Bocata's and Camilo's. Camilo's is a restaurant which serves many varieties of fish rations, hamburgers with chips, pizza , panini ... It is located within walking distance of my house. Don Bocata's is a restaurant that serves pizza, hamburgers, hot dog ... It is in Huetor Tajar.
I when go to the restaurant Camilo's always ask a kebaq and of drink Coca Cola, I often ask for dessert ice cream,in my other favorite restaurant aks a frankfurt and for drink Coca Cola, for dessert ask a cutecake landlord.
My sister ask a hamburger with chips and to drink Fanta. My parents ask a pizza to share, usually ask of ham jork. Let these sites weekends.
The food they serve is very good!

Claudia Solís García 1ESO

jorge santiago cobos said...

My favourite restaurant
My favourite restaurant is called diamante’s. It’s an Spain tapas restaurant in Granada, near Vvva Mesía. My family and I don’t usually go, but I love going.
Diamante’s is famous for its tapas, but if you want to eat great eats, you can eat pasta, rice, chicken ... There are many delicious meals.There are many desserts to choose. As chocolate cake, strawberry, cheese and ice cream of all flavors. My favourite is chocolate cake. Its delicius! And my sister shared with me.
Jorge, Granada, Spain

Sandra Avilés Silgado said...

My favourite restaurant is called La Esencia's. It's a elegant restaurant in Burgos, in the center. My family and I never go there, because it's very away.

La Esencia's is famous for its pasta, but it also serves other dishes, like fish and chips, mushy potatoes and fried chiken. They've got nice roast beef too.

There are very great dessert at La Esencia's. My favourite is ice cream with liquid chocolate, I love it, because it tastes very delicious. I never have some! My parents hate that restaurant.

Ángela said...

My favourite restaurant is called Edetanu's. It's a restaurant of Almería, Spain. It's a happy restaurant and his enviroment is warm. My family and I don't go very much, because it's far from my house.

Edetanu's is famous for it's rice and his Mediterranean kitchen. It also serve other dishes, like meats, fish or fried fih, sellfish. vegetables ad products of the spell. The rices also ask for take it away. There are some great rices. My favourite rice is rice with sellfish. My parents and my sister ask rice with meat.

There are delicious dessert. My favourite dessert is chocolate cake with syrup chocolate that share with my sister. My parents usually share fruit salad. Edetanu's it's a great restaurant!

Unknown said...

My favourite restaurant is called Burger King. It's an American hamburger restaurant in Granada, near Villanueva Mesía. My dad, my brother and I sometimes go.

Burger king is famous for its hamburgers, but it also serve other dishes, like chips and chicken nuggets.

There are some great desserts at Burger king. My favourite is petisuis. My dad and brother is ice cream chocolate. Although there are also other desserts.

Laura Muñoz Cobos 1º ESO

Unknown said...

My favourite restaurant is called Isabella’s. It’s an Italian restaurant in Cádiz, Spain. It’s a beautiful and welcoming place for eat. My family and I almost never go there to eat, because is far from my house.

Isabella’s is famous for its delicious Italian pasta and its home-cooked desserts, but it also serves other dishes, like vegetables, steaks with home-cooked sauce and fried fish with chips. They’ve got nice chicken with green salad. There are some great dishes of pasta, like spaghetti with bacon, macaroni with tomato.

There are some delicious home-cooked desserts at Isabella’s. My favourite is tiramisú with vanilla smoothie, I usually have that for dessert. I love the desserts of Isabella’s and are very famous! My parents and my brother usually also have tiramisú but they drink Italian coffee for dessert. It’s a great restaurant and serve good food!

Clara Verdejo Ayllón 1º ESO

Raúl Gámez Castro said...

My favourite restaurant is called El Celler de Can Roca's. Is an elegant and sophisticated restaurant. My family and I have never go there, as it is in Girona, Catalonia.

El Celler de Can Roca is famous for its traditional Catalan cuisine.

In this there are 12 tables, which can fit about 45 people.

It ranks as the best restaurant in the world by many people and some prestigious magazines like "Restaurant".

It has many prestigious awards such as: Chef of the Year (Spain), Best Restaurant in the World, Plate of the year...

One of his best dessert is creme catalana.

Unknown said...

My favourite restaurant

My favourite restaurant is Don Bocata. Don Bocata's is a restaurant that serves pizza, hamburgers, hot dog ... It is in Huetor Tajar.

Don Bocata is famous for its pizzas, but it also serves burger, sandwiches, frankfurt.
I always order a burger and a pizza and share it with my sister.

There are desserts like, madeleine rice with milk.

jose javier ayllón cobos said...

My favorite restaurant is camille. I usually go on Sundays with my father's cousin. Camilo is known for its pizza, kebab and stuff. My family and I like fish kebab pizzas and hamburgers with fries.


Jose Javier Sanchez Contreras said...

My favourite restaurant is called Gondoliere's. It's a pizzeria located in Granada, soccer field near the Granada. My family and I often go there on Saturdais nights.
Godoliere's is famous for its pizzas. I like pasta, but my family ask pizzas.
I like to ask for dessert tiramisu, my brother and my parents ask custard ice cream.

Andrea Alvarez Lara said...

My favorite restaurant is Meson de Enrique near Granada.
My family and I go some Saturdays.
The Meson Enrique serves steaks and hamburgers.
The Meson Enrique is famous for its steaks.
My favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream.

Anonymous said...

My favourite restaurant is McDonals. It's an american hamburguer restaurant in Granada, near Villanueva Mesia. My family and I always go there on Friday nights.

McDonals is famous for its hamburguer, but it always serves hamburguer with chips and coca-cola. They've got green salad.

There are some great desserts at McDonals. My favourite is ice-cream with vanilla. My parents they serve usually hamburguer with chips.


Anonymous said...

My favorite restaurant is Camilo. My family and I are going to eat some Saturday nights. I always ask a kebab with fries. Drinking always choose Coke. They never take the dessert that I take in my house. Camilo's restaurant also serves other dishes like pizza, panini and more.

Alvaro Hatero Arrebola

cristian serrano ariza said...

My favorite restaurant was Ventanueva carlos bar is known for making snacks and also complete rations for loin with garlic.
my family loves garlic tenderloin rations usually order them with pepsi.

Anonymous said...

My favorite restaurant is the binge in huetor tajar.
its expecialidad are the pizzas. ami I like pizza york ham and cheese and I drink one pepsi with my family.


gerardo said...

My favorite restaurant is the ink (Málaga), is a large restaurant meals and fast for the beach side. For me it is the most beautiful and handsome restaurant of all I've been.

Alejandro Trujillo Arcos said...

My favourite restaurant is called "Xurreria Frankfurt". It's in Mollet del Vallés, near Barcelona, and it's a typical spanish churrería, but at the nigth, they serve frankfurts, hamburgers, sandwiches and pizzas.
They are famous for their delicious frankfurts, but I prefer the xurri. It's an hamburger with lettuce, tomato, an egg, onion, bacon and chiken. I put in the hamburger sauces, like ketchup, mustard, or yogurth sauce. My dad's eat a frankfurt with a lot of mustard. He put it in all the mouthfuls. Of dessert, my dad and I eat an ice cream.

Alejandro Trujillo Arcos.

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