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We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

What's for Lunch?

Write a text about your lunch and your family.


Sandra Avilés Silgado said...

On school days, I never have rice and hamburgers for lunch. I usually drink water but my sister's Sonia always drink Pepsi. On Sundays, my parents, my sister's and I have a delicious lunch with my family from Illora. We have a different meal every Sunday, but we usually have a chiken with chips. We also have a green salad . It's a big lunch, I love the food of Sundays!

fatima said...

I sometimes have lunch chicken with chips and pepsi.I usually have lunch hamburgers with chips and fanta.I never have lunch green salad with chips. I love chiken with chips

Andrea Alvarez Lara said...

I any day and at school, I eat at my house with my mum and my sister Marta, because my dad is working and not come to eat. We never eat hamburger for lunch. We often eat chips with egg,salad and pepsi.
We eat rice every Saturday.
On Sundays we go to eat chicken with potatoes in my grandmother's house

Unknown said...

My favorite lunch is chips with egg or chips with breaded fillest with non-alcoholic wine are very quick to prepare meals and are delicious! My favorite dessert is the strawberries.

Laura Muñoz Cobos 1º ESO

Ángela said...

I eat of all, but I hate tomatoes for lunch. I usually drink water or Fanta. My sister and my parents drink water. On Saturdays, I usually have rice with meat for lunch. On Saturdays, usually eats my cousin with we. On Sundays, I usually eat roast chicken with roast potatoes or I often have chips with eggs for lunch. My favourite lunch are meatballs.

Ángela Gámiz Muñoz. 1ºESO

jorge santiago cobos said...

On school days, I have sometimes pasta, fihs with salad, meat and chips and other foods. On Saturdays, I have lunch rice and Sundays I have lunch chiken with chips. I drink sometimes zumo and Cocacola. I usually do not take fast food.

Raúl Gámez Castro said...

For me, lunch is the strong meal. I have something different every day. I usually drink juice or soda, like Coca Cola or Fanta.Some weekends my family come to my home for lunch,and we have barbecue. On sundays, I usually have fish or roast chicken, but takeaway food.

Anonymous said...

I often as a meal like fish or chickpea soup. I often drink Coca Cola or Fanta, drink beer my father, my sister the same thing I, and my mother sandy. Always or almost always cook my mom and sometimes my grandmother. The food they prepare is very delicius!
Claudia Solis Garcia 1ºESO

Unknown said...

On school days, I usually have healthy food for be well fed, like a green salad, rice with vegetables, fish with sauce. But sometimes my mum cooks a special meal for me and my brother, she cooks pasta for we, but my parents usually also have healthy food. My mum, my brother and I drink water with lunch but my dad drinks beer and for dessert we have a yoghurt. On Saturdays, we often have meat with chips and a delicious sauce of apple, also we have a green salad and for dessert have fruit. On Sundays, my family and I have chicken with chips, it is my favourite food and it is delicious! We also have strawberries with cream for dessert. My favourite lunch is chicken with chips.

Clara Verdejo Ayllón 1º ESO

cristian serrano ariza said...

I midweek in the dining room a few days as little and sometimes a lot. Weekends like home and as my mother put.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Monday to Friday if no school and so I have to eat in the school canteen. But there is no school days as in my home with my mother and my brother. My mom makes dinner, and the food that I like is the fries with eggs. Some Saturdays I boy to eat what I always ask camilo and pork steaks with chips and a salad.

Álvaro Hatero Arrebola

Jose Javier Sanchez Contreras said...
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Jose Javier Sanchez Contreras said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jose Javier Sanchez Contreras said...

On school days, for lunch I usually drink water. I usually have a balanced diet, because I like all foods. Saturdays I usually eat fries steaks with ketchup or mayonnaise with my parents, and my brother. I usually drink orange soda.
Sundays always paella, is my favorite food, and I drink pepsi.

Alejandro Trujillo Arcos said...

On the school days, i have a lunch on the Cardenal Cisneros' dining room. The meals are good, but my mum's cook the most delicious food. On the weekends, I have a lunch with my family, and we cook roast beef or pasta. Of dessert, I have fruit, and sometimes, my mum cook's macedonia.

Alejandro Trujillo Arcos

tanoxulo99@gmail.com said...

Para almorzar suelo tomar potaje de lentejas, tortilla, filetes y hamburguesas

Anonymous said...

On school days, I usually eat rice with tomato, fish and chips, eggs. On Saturdays, I eat pasta with skin and bacon. On Sundays, I eat paella or chicken and chips and I drink cola.

Ángela Cerrillo Sánchez

Ana said...

After school, as pasta, meat and sometimes fish. I also take salads. ANd i drink water or soft drinks.

Ana Jiménez Álvarez 2º ESO

gerardo said...

At noon I lunch with steaks and potatoes or fish also. I am in the dining room so I eat pretty healthy. The weekend I lunch tortilla soups or meat.

Unknown said...

After school, I eat in the cafeteria. Each day there are different foods like salad with meat, omelette, fish, chicken, noodles, rice, lentils, macaroni, etc.. Always accompany the meal with fresh water.

Andrea Oviedo Chilavert 2ESO.

Neiva said...

What I like to have lunch first course second vegetable rice dish is the breaded steak and third course is a yogut

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