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We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

When I'm older...

What do yo want to be when you are older?

What do you think it's a good job?

Write a text about 60 words.

You must do it until 12 December.


Andrea Alvarez Lara said...

Most want to be a hairdresser because it is a fun and very nice job because loks can put new people. I would like to be a hairdresser but I see something very difficult but very fun time is difficult but if I get to it soon I will be able to get to the end.

Andrea Alvarez Lara

laurillavva7@gmail.com said...

When I'm older...
I want to be a forensics because it is a very interesting job, but it is a very difficult race. I also like to be police officer because I like caring for and protecting people. I hope when I'm older I can hove some of these job, but not if I'm really ready for these professions, if the time will come and I'm not ready assimilated would study for postal worker is very fun.

Laura Muñoz Cobos 2º ESO

jorge santiago cobos said...

When I'm older, I want to be a football player. I thinks a important job because the fans team criticize you. A football player is sometimes fun and easy, but other time is difficult and interesting.
I also want o be a football player, because I have been dreaming about since childhod. If you are a bit famous you can have many money.

Jorge Santiago Cobos 2º ESO

Sandra Avilés Silgado said...

When I'm older...

I want to be a doctor when I'm older, because is a job very important and interesting. I think is a job perfect for me because I like save lifes of people. I love care of the people.

I want to be hairdresser too, because I like cut and styles people's hair, but is a job ver difficult, I when I'm older no really what I want to be.

Sandra Avilés Silgado 2º ESO

Anonymous said...

I want to be firefighter.I think it's an important job because firefighthers can save people's lives.I do not get to be a firefighter but at least I'll try. And what I like is that I can save the life of mucga people, is very risky but nothing happens


Unknown said...

When I'm older...
I want to be a shop assistant, because it's fun and I like dealing with people. My mother has a shop and I'll be the shop assistant future, but some people are very heavy and never conforms, but you have to endure.

Ángela Cerrillo Sánchez

Raúl Gámez Castro said...

When I'm older, I want to be a psychologist, because I like help people. I think it's a job very important and interesting. I know thet these career is so difficult but I love it. I'd like specialize to psychology for childrens and teens.
I'd like too study biology, because I love animals.

Unknown said...

When I'm older I want to be a primary school teacher. I think I have the patience to deal with children. I like to spend time with children between three and five years old and take care of them. When I am with my cousin or my neighbor of five years old I have fun teaching them things as numbers, reading and writing and also playing with them that is why I think that could be a proper job for me in the future. This job seems to be easy and funny at the same time although sometimes could be stressful and difficult to deal with them. Since I was a child I like to be a teacher and nowdays still like it and I don't think I going to change it. So now I am going to carry on with my studies and try the best to become a good teacher in the future and do this beatiful job.


Unknown said...

I most want to be national police that I really like and they pay very well, but I do not fall such luck ... I think studying the PCPI next year. Because I want to have some degree of higher, want to be a good person. Today things are very bad there many crises and little work. Few people in my family has graduated school, I at least want to be one of them.

Álvaro Hatero Arrebola

Anonymous said...

When I grow up I want my work to be designer clothes because I admire the profession. It's fun and interesting. But I think it can be difficult. This work is for people to wear fashionable clothing. I think that if people like you get to have fame and money.
I also like the work of a teacher, but it is stressful, overwhelming and a little fun. What orible of this work is that it is hard!

Claudia Solís García 2ºESO

Jose Javier Sanchez Contreras said...

When I'm order,I want to be a hairdresser. Peel seems very interesting because you can change the hairstyle to many people. After many years, you can get to earn enough money if you have good customers. To my I would like to have a barber shop in the center of a city and do I want to be adult.

Jose Javier Sánchez Contreras

Alejandro Trujillo Arcos said...

When I'molder, I've got two expectations:
The first, is work making music, and travel arround the world doing festivals like thomorrowland, cause I love techno music.
My second expectative, is be photographer, cause I found it interesting, and is a wonderfull art. People think photography's just a hobby, but is an expression media too.
But, how these two works aren't chimeras, I'm gonna study for psicology and telecomunications' engineer, and do the opposittions too, for be teacher an english teacher. I think with all this possibilities, I always can work if i want.

Gregorio Alcaide Moreno said...

When I get older I would like to be architect, because since childhood I liked making models and drawings of different types. My interest started when I was 5 years old, and my father was watching planes that a man had given him to build a house.

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