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“Go to the edge, he said.

We are afraid that we will fall.
Go to the edge, he said.
They went. He pushed them……. and they flew.” G. Apollinari

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Friday, 16 March 2012

My hobbies

Write a text about your hobbies.
You must do it until 23 March.


Iván said...

I really love playing football. I also like tennis, basketball, handball...
I can play soccer at school, but not tennis.
I played in an indoor football team but not play. My other hobby could be see on tv sport, whether football, tennis, formula one, I see everything.
I also like being with my friends, play with soccer them. One could almost say that my favorite hobby is sports especially football.

Victor said...

Hello I will introduce my hobbies:
I am a child who loves sports and games. Fotball is my sport and hobby main, play at home, at school, by envening in Loja...
I also like playing basketball, tennis, paddle, volleyball.
I perform these activities when I have time an let me studies.
Every evening after dinner I like to see a prograrm called "sport four" wich is also called " Los Manolos".
I like to see that is sport news.
Sometimes I play the psp game are my other passion that I do in free time.

Carolina Gámez said...

My hobbys
I like doing gymnastics. I like gymnastics but it is very dangerous and is a bit expensive.
I can play gymnastics in the evenings and at home. My coach it is good and nice. The gymnastics is a sport, for that you need to be a flex, to have balance, and can dance.
I can play gymnastics on Mondays and Wednesdays at four o’clock.
I play gymnastics with my friends: Montse, Andrea and Ana María.
In the competitions, there are many gymnasts and it is difficult to win. I last year won two trophies and 3 medals.
My other hobby is volleyball. I like volleyball but is difficult, because it is not expensive.
I can play volleyball on Mondays and Wednesdays at seven o’clock .
I play volleyball with my friends: Maria, Inés, Mary, Isa, Maria Jesús, Irene, Natalia, Elena and Yisela.
¡ I love sport!

María Rico Carrascosa said...


Hello! My name is María and I´m going to speak about you the activities that I do in my free time.
My prefer hobby is the tennis. I go to tennis the wednesdays. I like very much because is fun.
I like doing other activities: I like listening to music, reading, walking, swim, rollerblade, riding a bike...
I like all type of music. My favourite books are books of mystery and terror.
I like walking with my mum amd my dog. Other my hobbies is riding a bike. I ride a bike at the weekends with my brother Alex.
When I ride a bike, I practise sport, and it´s very healthy.
Well these are my hobbies. I like doing them very much.

María Rico Carrascosa 2º ESO

Yisela said...
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Yisela said...

Hi!. I´m Yisela. I like a lot of sports, but my favorite is voleyball. I play voleyball with my team mondays and wednesdays in the sports hall. On Saturdays my team and me play voleyball with other teams. My coach is Marta. She is very good and funny and she teaches very well.
Some sundays I skate with my skates in the street and while I listen to music. Other sundays I go to the park or field with my bike.
Mondays, wednesdays and fridays, from eight to nine I go to the gym for to do spinning. I like spinnning very much, because there is a music and my coach, Ana is very energetic and beautiful.
In my spare time I love read. My favorite book is Marina and my favorite writer is Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
In the summers I go to the swimming pool to swim. My coach is Nacho. He is very good and we play in the water with balls and other things.

Elena said...

I like voleyball very much. It's a team, there are six players. My team have seven players. The girls who are my team are:
Natalia, this is a young of team because we are of year 2011 and she is of year 2012.
mary, Carolina, Inés, Yisela, Ángela and me are the team base.
I train on Mondays and Wednesday from six to seven. And play games almost every Saturday. And we are in the final! Let's seeif we win.

Elena Gordo Gámiz.

Ángela said...

Hello! my name is Ángela and my hobby is volleybol, and I practice in Villanueva, in the municipal pavilion my friends and colleagues.
I train on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6:30 to 7:30.
We're two different teams of age but trained the some days. We are the children and cadets from different years. The teams are seven girls. We have a jersey with your name and a tracksuit all the some.
In these years I've learned a lot about haw to give and haw to receive the ball.
We played many games, and we have not won any, but we are tared to go to the end.
Our trained is called Marta and does everything he can to give us tips to play but all girls are biggir that us.
Also play paddle and I tourments with my friends.

Rocío Moraga Sanchez said...

My favourite hobby is playing tennis.
I play tennis on wednesday in the sport centre.
I like playing tennis with my friends,María,Octavio,Gererdo,Miguel Angel and Antonio.
I like other sport like hiking,riding a bike or swimming.
In my free time I read book like "Boney and Claim ".
I like doing crosswords.
But I don´t like play basketbal.

Juan Fran said...

I like riding a horse very much. I like riding a horse because it is exciting and fun. I can riding a horse in the land but I can't riding a horse in the school or at home. I usually riding a horse at the weekend, because others days I do my homeworks in the evenings, therefore I riding a horse Saturdays and Sundays. It can practice women, men and children.
Last sunday evening I went to the land with my uncle Francisco and my grandfather Antonio. We stayed all the day with my pony and the horse cart. It was very funny but it is dangerous too.

Juan Francisco Moreno Entrena 2ºESO

Maria Jose Gamiz Delgado said...


Hi! My name is MªJosé Gámiz,I have a lot of hobbies. My favourites hobbies are the sport, music and the theatre.
For me, volleyball is very important. My coach called Marta. She is very good but is strict. I train every week on Mondays and Wednesdays.
I love music. Before, I was going to a band of music and I played the trumpet. I like all types of music, except classical music.
I always liked the theather. I am in a theather group. We do many performances. My teacher called Cristina and she's great!. Teaches us many things and I have fun with she. I go to the theather group every Friday. My favourite piece is "Romeo and Juliet".
I have other hobbies. I really enjoy reading and walking with my friends.
I love books of mystery and fun!

Sebastián said...

My hobby
I like playing football very much. I like football because is a game of speed, concentration..., and football is a little expensive.
I can only play football at the sports center or a football field, I play soccer a lot with my friends. I am painting at soccer team Huetor Tajar, and I coach om Mondays and Wednesdays.
Football is my favourite hobby.

gerardo said...

I like playing tennis and football. I like tennis because it is play the six age. I can play tennis in the polideportivo , at home . I play football and tennis at home in the evenings. I play ot the club in Granada. Tomorrow, i play in the club the Granada in the evenings.
I play football in the school in educa. I play tennis with Antonio, Octavio, Rocio, Maria y Miguel Angel.
My favorite soprtman the tennis is Rafa Nadal.
My trainer´s name is Cristobal.

cristina Sanchez said...

My hobby is playing footbaal.
I played on tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday in Loja but now I can not play football .
Nuw i play the in padel of Villanueva Mesia but i am still learning.
Mi trainer is named Cristobal, and train many good weekends.
But y also like other sports like table tennis or voleyball.
My raquet is white,blak and red is bland bulpadel.

yasmina said...

My hobbies are skating, swimming, but my hobby is dancing really I love dancing on the weekends I get up early and help my mom with the house and just start dancing or when I go to pomegranate and I stay with my friend to sleep we get to dance till the wee hours of the morning, I like to dance arabic dance, belly dance, flamenco, ....
I like all kinds of music and I love to dance.

Yasmina Bouhnouf

Anonymous said...

My hobby is walking with bike. Burning also play at school. Occasionally I go with my neighbor and her cousin to go jogging. I also play soccer and sometimes voleivol. From time to time play with all my neighbors feet still.


Inés said...

I haven´t got a lot of hobbys: read, ride a bike, playing voleiball, playing the flaut...But playing voleiball is the best of my hobbys. I play in the team of voleiballin the village with my friends. In front play: Elena and me dunk, and Carolina in the centre of put. In behind ply: Yisela and Ángela receptors and in the centre Mary. She is put. My coch´s name Marta. She plays voleiball too in Huetor Tajar team. I love voleiball. I wearing t-shirt blue and short trousers black for play. I am the six number. I pron to train mondy and wednesday in a gym of a village. I don´t like read very much. But my mum said that I must read. I read a lot of books : "Chuic el contable, Perdona si te llamo amor, El pequeño Vampiro"etc. I like reading press. The best book that I read is "A tres metros sobre el cielo" The actor is Mario Casas and I love Mario Casas.

Inés Leyva Gordo 2º ESO

miguel angel said...

Wednesday at six o'clock in the afternoon I have tennis, tennis is the most practical hobby that, next to hiking.
Tennis is more a sport but can also be seen as hobby is very entrtaininig, although I am a little bad but I do not care how important is to have fun, my coach called Cristobal and is very good playing tennis.

inline skates kopen said...

My hobby is to play skating at any perfect time i get.

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